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What are the actual NFL Odds of the Patriots going 16-0?

Written by on October 7, 2015

It’s only three weeks into the 2015 season, but the buzz is already building around the 3-0 New England Patriots and their legitimate chance of making it to Superbowl. Tom Brady has put together one of the best three-game runs of his career, as NFL odds fans might expect from someone made hungry by all of the bad press dumped on him by Roger Goodell & Co. in the DeflateGate imbroglio.
Here’s the thing – they could definitely run the table, and there are two big reasons why it will happen. First is that Brady is zeroed in like he never has been before. Former Patriot legend Rodney Harrison told the Boston Herald that Brady is on an “all-year assault.” All year long, he will be in it to win, and win big. If you don’t think so, take a look at that tape against the Bills.
New England Patriots And here’s the second reason – the rest of the Patriots’ schedule. Take a look:
  • Week 5 @ Dallas. If Tony Romo and Dez Bryant were in the lineup, I’d be worried about a loss here. However, Brandon Weeden is running the Cowboys’ offense. He’s actually been decent, but the Cowboys’ defense has been giving up points faster than Weeden can lead the team to score them, so the Patriots should be fine here.
  • Week 6 @ Indianapolis. This looked a lot tougher when the schedule came out, but now it should be a laugher.
  • Week 7: vs. NY Jets. The Jets have a stout secondary, but Ryan Fitzpatrick isn’t really up to the task of outscoring a Brady-led attack.
Miami Dolphins
  • Week 8: vs. Miami. Have you seen the Dolphins this year? Really?
  • Week 9: vs. Washington. Another backup quarterback situation in the NFC East.
  • Week 10: @ NY Giants. You never know which Giants team is going to show up from week to week, and this could actually be one of the scarier games, especially with the Bills coming in Week 10, which might make this a trap affair.
Buffalo Bills
  • Week 11: vs Buffalo. Rex Ryan will be ready for his rematch, and you can expect the Bills to play closer. But it’s unlikely that Brady will let this game ever be in real doubt.
  • Week 12: @ Denver This is the toughest test – a night game that could well be in the snow. If Peyton Manning keeps looking older than his age, though, the Patriots should pull through this.
  • Week 13: vs. Philadelphia. This team is the reason why the Giants might actually win the NFC East.
  • Week 14: @ Houston. Houston has two backup quarterbacks instead of a starter. No contest.
  • Week 15: vs. Tennessee. Marcus Mariota is an exciting quarterback, but he has no defense behind him.
New York Jets
  • Week 16: @ NY Jets. If the Pats are 14-0 at this time, could this be a trap game? Don’t count on it.
  • Week 17: @ Miami. The Dolphins have a legitimate chance of going 1-15.
Even though these Patriots might not be as good as last year’s edition (at least not yet), you can see that the road to an undefeated regular season could be fairly clear.


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