Where Does Tom Brady Play in 2020-2021?

Where Does Tom Brady Play in 2020-2021?

Written by on February 19, 2020

The NFL quarterback with the most Super Bowl rings in history might change addresses. Tom and Giselle have moved out of the Boston area. Someone from Brady’s camp let the word out before Super Bowl 54 that he planned on meeting with other football teams. Then, the Raiders made it known that they will pursue Brady in free agency. Does this mean Tom is gonzo from the Patriots? Maybe. Check out a list of teams along with their chances to sign Mr. Brady for the 2020-2021 NFL Season!

Where Does Tom Brady Play in 2020-2021?

 New England Patriots

Owner Robert Kraft wants Tom Brady back. But what Kraft wants doesn’t always translate to what happens with New England. Bill Belichick runs the show in New England. If Bill believes Brady’s skills have diminished, and there’s plenty of facts to bolster that argument, Belichick might have a personal conversation with the star QB.

Kraft said New England is ready to pony up $30 mil. That’s nothing for the Brady Clan. Giselle is a billionaire. So, money won’t sway him. The Patriots’ defense? Sure, it looked great against Miami and the Jets early on in the season. Then, like Brady himself, fell apart once New England battled top NFL teams.

The guess here is that selling the home in Boston is a sure-fire sign Brady is gone.

Las Vegas Raiders

Jon Gruden does well with veteran quarterbacks. He won a Super Bowl with Brad Johnson. He turned Rich Gannon from a backup to a Pro Bowl starter. Gruden is a master at righting what’s wrong with quarterbacks. Why, then, do the Raiders want to pursue Tom Brady?

It’s hard to know. Derek Carr played better than Brady did in the second half of the season. Carr also played under immense pressure because it was the Raiders’ last in Oakland. In addition, the Raiders’ offensive line is sort of a mess. It’s difficult to see this happening because Terrific Tom doesn’t want to play behind a patchwork O-line to end his career.

L.A. Chargers

This is a great landing spot. SoFi Stadium is set to open on July 25. L.A. citizens won’t care so much about bumping into Giselle and Tom. Not with LeBron and Kawhi already in town. Also, Los Angeles belongs to the Dodgers. Not to mention L.A. is the entertainment capital of the world.

The Bolts are a good football team. The defense is a Top 5 unit. Keenan Allen is a Pro Bowl wide receiver while the offensive line is stacked. Brady could win a Super Bowl with the Chargers. If I’m Tom Brady, I’m thinking Bolts.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jameis Winston threw 30 interceptions and the Buccaneers still won 9 games. The defense must get better against the pass for the Buccaneers to challenge for a playoff spot. If that happens, Tampa should be the top challenger to the Saints in the NFC South.

The offense averaged 28.6 points per. That ranked fourth in the NFL. Tampa ranked first in passing yard per. Tom Brady is a huge upgrade from Jameis Winston while Florida’s a nice, warm, state. It’s a longshot because Tampa is a slow town, but Bruce Arians has a system in which Brady would flourish.

Tennessee Titans

This is a huge longshot. The Titans don’t need Tom Brady. Terrific Tom doesn’t need the Titans. Tennessee is a run-first team. Derrick Henry will be the focus in 2020-2021. Henry is one of the top running backs in the NFL. He should be the focus.

Also, Ryan Tannehill played well enough to get a contract extension. Tannehill is perfect for the offensive system the Titans run.

The Prediction: Tom Brady Signs with the L.A. Chargers

Most feel the Chargers are a longshot, but it makes so much sense. Brady would stay in the AFC. The Chargers start to play in a brand new stadium. The pressure is off because of all the other sports stars in L.A. Plus, Terrific Tom and Giselle could start multiple businesses without traveling all over the country.

The second choice is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers because of Arians’ offense. The third choice is the New England Patriots because Tom might want to play one more year and then call it quits.

If Brady heads to Vegas, it will be because of Jon Gruden. Bad move if he does. Sin City needs a lot more than a hall-of-fame quarterback to beat the Chiefs and Chargers in the AFC West, much less win the conference.