APR 04 - Betting Predictions For The 2017 NHL Playoffs

Betting Predictions For The 2017 NHL Playoffs

Written by on April 6, 2017

This weekend will see the NHL regular season come to an end, which is why hockey fans are starting to look ahead to the playoffs. All 8 teams have been decided in the Western Conference, and the next few days will decide how the opening round match-ups will play out. Things are not completely decided in the Eastern Conference, with a couple of spots still up for grabs over there. At this point, the smart money would be on Ottawa and Toronto filling those gaps, which would mean that all but one of the Canadian teams would be in the postseason. Let’s now take a look at some NHL betting picks you might consider once the playoffs get rolling.

Betting Predictions For The 2017 NHL Playoffs


Potential Surprise Teams

The Washington Capitals just locked up the President’s Trophy for the second straight year, and are considered by most to be the favorites to win the Stanley Cup. This, in my opinion, would not be a particularly good bet, as the Capitals have repeatedly shown that they are not a team built for the playoffs. They will likely get past the first round, but could be in trouble in the second.The Chicago Blackhawks are going to win the Western Conference in rather comfortable fashion, but I’m not so sure they will just breeze through the playoffs. Yes, they have some real Stanley Cup winning experience under their belts, but the level of parity in the West is outstanding. Keep an eye out for the Calgary Flames, who may just end up being the opening round opposition for the Blackhawks.

Conference Winners

The Eastern Conference is about as tough as it gets, as you currently have 5 teams over the 100-point mark for the season. Any one of those teams could stake a claim on the Stanley Cup, but I believe it will be the team that has been the best in the playoffs over the past few years that will prevail. I am, of course, talking about the Pittsburgh Penguins. They are who I believe will move on to represent the East in the Stanley Cup Final.Things are a little trickier over in the Western Conference. It would be easy to use the playoff experience model to choose the Chicago Blackhawks, but I think it will be one of the dark horse teams that rises up in the West. Look to Alberta, and the possibility of either the Oilers or Flames pulling the upset. Calgary has a lot of big weapons, and I think they can find a way to win.

Stanley Cup Champion

So, by my estimation, we would be looking at a Stanley Cup Final contested by the Pittsburgh Penguins and Calgary Flames. Calgary are one of the few teams who have gone into Pittsburgh and won this season, but I think they would be in trouble in a 7-game series versus the defending champions. My money is going to be on the Penguins to pull off the repeat this season.