UFC 257: Poirier vs McGregor 2 MMA Betting Recap

UFC 257: Poirier vs McGregor 2 MMA Betting Recap

This weekend will see the return of the UFC, with the 3rd meeting between Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor serving as the headline event. While there was a lot of respect between the two fighters heading into, as well as immediately following, the 2nd meeting, some of that has been tempered. It all comes down to a promise from McGregor that he would donate a half million dollars to Poirier’s charity, which was a stipulation of the fight going ahead at all. Shortly thereafter, Poirier took to social media to state that his charity had yet to receive the donation, which is something he later said was a bad idea. McGregor did eventually donate the money, albeit to a different children’s charity in Louisiana, where Poirier was born and raised. Will any of that spill over into fight #3 this weekend? We shall have to wait and see, but for now, let’s talk about how fight #2 went down between these fighters so you can keep getting ready to make your bets against their UFC odds.

MMA Rundown of Poirier vs McGregor 2

Poirier Vs McGregor 2 Recap

A lot happened to Conor McGregor in the space between meeting and beating Poirier for the first time and the 2nd meeting. He won and lost the featherweight title, got into a wrestling type altercation that involved throwing objects at a bus containing other fighters, and also lost to Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match. Mc Gregor continued to deliver the hype as always, but all while failing to deliver many meaningful performances. His return to action after losing to Khabib was a convincing win over Donald Cerrone, a fighter very close to the end of his career.

After his loss to McGregor in fight #1, Poirier basically had to work his way up the featherweight rankings again, before making the move to Lightweight, which was the division these guys fought at in fight #2.

The second fight served as the headliner at UFC 257, which took place in late January of this year. Poirier came in on a run of 5 out of 6 wins, with the lone loss coming in a title fight versus Khabib. It is fair to say that he was in great form at that point, so it was no real surprise to see him come out in the opening round and take the fight to McGregor.

Poirier went out in search of a takedown in the opening round, sprinkling in some vicious calf kicks before getting that takedown. McGregor was able to work his way off the mat and landed some powerful shots to close out the round on a high. It looked at this point as though the fight was on.

Poirier continued to kick at McGregor’s leading leg in Round 2, and eventually managed to get the Irishman up against the cage, where he landed some nice shots. It was a right hook that eventually put McGregor down on one knee, at which point Poirier really went on the offensive, landing a series of blows that caused the fight to be stopped at 2:32 of the 2nd round.

The win means that this fight will be a tiebreaker of sorts. Both previous fights have finished relatively quickly, so it’s tough to imagine this one going the distance.

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