U.S. Politics – 2020 Presidential Election Update & Odds

The coronavirus pandemic and George Floyd protests have turned U.S. Politics betting on its head. Check out the latest on where Trump and Biden stand in our latest U.S. Politics update!

U.S. Politics Update & Odds

2020 Presidential Election Winner

In March and April, President Trump looked like he was on his way to reelection. But the Covid-19 Crisis and economic shutdown that it caused and the Black Lives Matter protests against police brutality have caused Sleepy Joe’s odds to plummet and The Donald’s odds to skyrocket.

Just eight weeks ago, Trump was at -160 and Biden was at +150. On June 29, Trump is at +120 while Biden is the -160 chalk.

Is Trump or Biden the better play?

Why bet on Joe Biden

Biden has momentum. There’s no doubt about it. In every national poll, Biden leads. In many state polls, Biden leads.

In one national poll, Biden has a 14 percentage point lead.

Biden can continue the momentum because Donald Trump is his own worst enemy. The Tulsa rally on June 20 backfired after he and his crew boasted about 1 million attendees and 40,000 more outside clamoring to get a glimpse of The Don.

A lot of people went to that. But…1 million? Please!

Right now, all Joe must do is, well, remain sleepy. If he stays as quiet as possible, there’s a chance Trump continues to make boneheaded decisions that will hurt his reelection chances.

Why bet on Donald Trump

But before getting too excited about backing Obama’s VP, we must take a closer look at some of these polls.

For example, although Texas is a statistical tie, Biden outpolls Trump when it comes to the coronavirus 44%-41% and race relations 47%-37%. But Joe falls to Donald when it comes to who will better handle the economy, 51% to 37% in Trump’s favor, and who will handle immigration better, 46% to 41% in Trump’s favor.

The number on the economy is key. The things Americans are discussing right now, police brutality and the coronavirus, may not be the same things U.S. citizens are discussing in August, September, and October.

Even on his worst day, more people favor Trump’s economic policies than they do Biden’s. Last week, a whiff of a Biden Presidency sent the stock market crashing more than 700 points.

Also, eventually, Biden, who has displayed a mental tiredness unseen in any U.S. Presidential candidate ever, must get back on the campaign trail. When he does, he could look like a mess next to Trump.

2020 Presidential Election Winning Party

If you like Trump or Biden, make this wager. You’re getting better odds than if you wagered on Donald Trump or Joe Biden to win the U.S. Presidential Election.

2020 State-by-State Electoral College Winner

Getting value on Trump. Not on Biden.

Getting a ton of value on Trump. Florida should go red when it’s all said and done. If Biden makes a progressive his running mate, he’ll lose the Cuban vote.

This one is tough. Biden’s got strong ties to unions. Trump doesn’t. Still, Biden’s running mate could be a police union liability. So, Trump might be the smarter play.

Wisconsin is a straight “economy” state. If the economy is doing well and Trump paints Joe as a socialist, it should go red.

Donald Trump Election Special

  • To Lose Electoral College & Popular Vote -225
  • To Win Electoral College, Lose Popular Vote +200
  • To Win Electoral College & Popular Vote +250
  • To Lose Electoral College, Win Popular Vote +2500

The best bet here is on Donald to win the electoral college and lose the popular vote. That’s what happened when The Don faced Hillary back in 2016.

There’s a lot left to be decided. So, if you wish to make a wager in July, consider backing Trump.

It’s hard to count out the abrasive real estate developer while Joe Biden could be leading by default, meaning, there’s a reason he’s stayed under the radar.


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