How to Win with the U.S. Politics Props

How to Win with the U.S. Politics Props

With the U.S. elections around the corner, prop bets are becoming increasingly popular among bettors. U.S. politics prop betting is a type of wagering where the bettors can place their bets on various political events related to U.S. politics. Unlike traditional sports betting, prop betting allows you to bet on things like which candidate will win a particular state or who will be the next President.

Prop bets are based on odds that reflect what people think is going to happen in a given event. The odds determine how much money you stand to make if you correctly predict the outcome of an event. For example, if the odds of Joe Biden winning are -200, then you would need to bet $2 for every $1 potential payout if he wins. 

This is just one of the options available to bettors looking to wager on politics. If approached correctly, incorporating research and analysis, political betting can be as lucrative as sports betting


How to Win with the U.S. Politics Props


2024 Presidential Election Odds

The candidates for the 2024 Presidential election are beginning to line up, although there’s still a long way to go. A lot can happen between now and then, but bettors can start exploring who might be in the final running. 

  • Joe Biden: +145

  • Donald Trump: +224

  • Ron Desantis: +480

  • Robert Kennedy, Jr: +1900

  • Kamala Harris: +2600

  • Nikki Haley: +3200

Biden currently has the best chance of staying in office, while the legal troubles Trump is currently experiencing could upset his chances, which will be reflected in the odds. Kennedy and Haley are starting to get more support, but have to prove their worthiness if they expect to advance. 

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Democratic and Republican Nominee

Democratic and Republican Party candidates have to go through state primaries and caucuses to then be selected by their respective parties to represent the party in the elections. This is the stage that requires heavy lobbying on the part of the candidates. 

Democratic Party Nomination

  • Joe Biden: -500

  • Robert Kennedy, Jr.: +1000

  • Michele Obama: 1600

  • Kamala Harris: 1600

Republican Party Nomination

  • Donald Trump: -250

  • Ron Desantis: +275

  • Nikki Haley: +2200

  • Tucker Carlson: +3000

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Winning Party

While there are other political parties, the Democratic and Republican Parties are the only two that have ever won the presidential elections – with one exception. Millard Fillmore won as a member of the now-defunct Whig Party, becoming the 13th President in 1850, and the only person not affiliated with either major party to assume the role. 

  • Republican Party: -123

  • Democratic Party: -103

  • Independent: +2500 

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How to Win with U.S. Politics Prop Betting

To win with the U.S. politics prop betting, you must first do your homework. Research and gather as much information as possible about the candidates, their policies, and past voting patterns.

It’s also important to monitor the news and keep up-to-date on any developments that could potentially impact the outcome of an election or political event. Additionally, consider utilizing hedging techniques such as placing multiple small bets instead of one large bet or betting on both sides of a particular issue.

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