2018 Hungarian Grand Prix Odds & Preview

2018 Hungarian Grand Prix Odds & Preview

Written by on July 26, 2018

The 2018 Hungarian Grand Prix takes place this Sunday, July 29, at 6:10 am ET. The favorites, like they are in every Formula 1 race, will be Ferrari driver Sabastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton. Vettel won the Great Britain Grand Prix on July 8. Hamilton won the German Grand Prix on July 22. Will the race turn into a march for Vettel and Hamilton? Or, could an underdog possibly take the Hungarian Grand Prix this Sunday? The NASCAR odds are looking tight for this one.

2018 Hungarian Grand Prix Odds & Preview

Latest 2018 Hungarian Grand Prix Odds

  • Lewis Hamilton +200
  • Sebastien Vettel +160
  • Valtteri Bottas +1200
  • Max Verstappen +200
  • Daniel Ricciardo +250
  • Kimi Raikkonen +1200
  • Field (Any Other) +4000

Can Lewis Hamilton make it back-to-back?

Possibly. Lewis Hamilton won back-to-back earlier this year. On April 29, he took the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Then, on May 13, he won the Spain Grand Prix. Also, Mercedes cars were en fuego at Germany last week. That means Hamilton could definitely win another grand prix event.Hamilton won this race in 2016. He’s won the Hungarian Grand Prix a total 5 times. That puts him 1 win ahead of the great Michael Schumacher. It puts him 2 wins ahead of Ayrton Senna.

How will Sebastian Vettel respond to last week’s crash?

Is Sebastien Vettel a safe bet to win the 2018 Hungarian Grand Prix?If you didn’t hear, German driver Sebastian Vettel had the lead at the German Grand Prix before crashing his vehicle. Vettel looked like a sure fire winner. The crash opened the door for Hamilton to take the checkered flag.How will Vettel respond in Hungary this week? Nobody knows for sure, but Vettel won the Hungarian Grand Prix last year. Ferrari, no doubt, has some of the best engineers on the planet. They’ll make sure the car is ready.It will be up to Vettel to get back behind the wheel and make life difficult for his biggest rival, Lewis Hamilton. Easier said than done because Vettel had the win in the bag. With 15 laps to go and a 9 second lead in his home nation’s Grand Prix, Vettel crashed. He didn’t crash due to another driver. He just crashed.It was like watching a grandma run her 1982 Buick LeSabre into a parked car. That’s how embarrassing it was. Unless Vettel can get over that type of embarrassment, Hamilton could easily take the Hungarian Grand Prix checkered flag.

Can any driver beat Sebastian Vettel or Lewis Hamilton on Sunday?

It doesn’t seem possible at first glance. After studying last year’s Hungarian Grand Prix results, it might be possible, though. The reason? Kimi Raikkonen, a Ferrari driver like Vettel, finished only +.90 behind Vettel at the 2017 Hungarian Grand Prix.Raikkonen finished 3rd in Germany last week. If Formula 1 bettors are looking for a dog with some bite, Kimi Raikkonen might be the driver.
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