Big3 2021 Season: Week 3 Matches Betting Preview

Big3 2021 Season: Week 3 Matches Betting Preview

The NBA season is over, and the Milwaukee Bucks are the new champions. For basketball fans, it’s a rather depressing time of the year, but it need not be. First of all, there is the Olympic Games basketball tournament to watch, but there is also another great way to get your hoops fix. The Big3 is back, with a couple of games already in the books. The games are usually played on Saturday, and we have a full schedule set to go this weekend, with some great former NBA players taking to the court for what is always a fun season. Let’s take a look at all the games coming this Saturday so you can place your bets against their Big3 Basketball odds.

Big3 Games Week 3 Preview

Power Vs Ball Hogs

We have an unbeaten team looking to maintain their perfect record, which currently sits at 2-0, as the Ball Hogs take on Power, who are 1-1. With 101 points through their first two games, the Ball Hogs are tied for top scorers in the league, while Power has surrendered 96 points in their games. All of which points to another win for Brian Scalabrine and his team.

Trilogy Vs Triplets

The Triplets come into this season as the defending champions and Joe Johnson and company are off to another hot start, winning each of their first two games. They will have a tough time this weekend, as they will be going against Trilogy, who also some into this game with an unbeaten record. Tough call here, but I am going with the champs to move to 3-0.

Tri-State Vs Ghost Ballers

The Ghost Ballers, a team that features Ricky Davis, is yet another team who have won their opening two games of the season. They will be going against a Tri-State team that is one of the best in terms of defense, so this could end up being a very tight games that is lower in scoring. I am going to take a chance and go with Tri-State.

3’s Company Vs 3-Headed Monsters

Both of these teams have made an up and down start to the season and are coming into this weekend sitting at 1-1. Both teams are similar in offense, as both have managed 93 points through their first couple of games, but it is the Monsters who have been the better team defensively. That might be enough to get them the edge they need to win on Saturday.

Killer 3’s Vs Aliens

Both of these teams are heading into the weekend with 0-2 records, so both will be looking to snap out of their slump and get into winning ways. There really is very little separating these two at the moment, which makes this one a bit of a coin flip. I think I might give the slight edge to the Aliens in this one, but it really is a tough call.

Enemies Vs Bivouac

It’s another battle of winless teams in the final game of the weekend, although I do believe that this one might be a little more clear cut to predict. Bivouac has managed just 68 points through their first two games, while also surrendering 101. The Enemies have surrendered the same number of points, but they have scored 90. Their offense should be enough to get them the win.