Big3 Basketball Week 5 Betting Preview

Big3 Basketball Week 5 Betting Preview

Written by on July 16, 2018

In Week 4, Ghost Ballers continued their descension into loser land. Can they step it up versus 3 and 1 Tri-State in Week 5 for their first win of the 2018 Big 3 Basketball Season?

We analyze that matchup along with the other 3 matchups in our Big 3 Basketball betting preview for Week 5!

Big 3 Basketball Week 5 Betting Preview

Friday, July 20

Ghost Ballers 0-4 vs Tri-State 3-1

Ghost Ballers sat on a 5 point lead, 25 to 20, in their game versus Power in Week 4. Power made the necessary adjustments and them pummeled Ghost Ballers by 10 points, 30 to 20, in the second half for the 50 to 45 win.

Does Ghost Ballers have any shot versus Tri-State on Friday? Probably not. Tri-State’s lone loss was to undefeated 3 Headed Monsters by 2 points in Week 4.

Big 3 Basketball Week 5 Betting Pick: Tri-State

Ball Hogs 1-3 vs Killer 3’s 1-3

Two 1 and 3 teams clash in Week 5 with Ball Hogs seemingly having the upper hand. Killer 3’s looked downright pathetic in their 52 to 39 loss to Trilogy in Week 4.

Ball Hogs lost by 10 points, 40 to 50 to 3’s Company, but they hung with 3’s Company in the first half. Ball Hogs offense is better than Killer 3’s offense. Offense rules in Big 3 Basketball.

Big 3 Basketball Week 5 Pick: Ball Hogs

Trilogy 1-3 vs Power 3-1

Trilogy won their first game this Big 3 Basketball Season in Week 4. They did it in style, scoring 25 points in the first half and 27 points in the second half. Trilogy faced Killer 3’s in Week 4. Things should be much tougher in Week 5 versus 3 and 1 Power.

Can Trilogy keep it going? I think so. James White, Al Harrington, and Derrick Byars all scored in double-figures in Week 4’s victory. That’s the sort of balance that wins Big 3 Basketball games.

Big 3 Basketball Week 5 Pick: Trilogy

3’s Company 3-1 vs 3 Headed Monsters 4-0

Week 5’s marquee matchup has 3’s Company battling 3 Headed Monsters. Undefeated 3 Headed Monsters used a 33 to 23 second half to beat Tri-State 50 to 48 in Week 4. Tri-State won the first half 25 to 17.

3’s Company held a 3 point lead after their first half against Ball Hogs. They pulled away impressively in the second half. This should be a great battle. Who takes it? 3’s Company takes it.

If 3 Headed Monsters shows any weakness versus the Baron Davis and DeMarr Johnson led squad, they’ll lose by at least 6 points.

Big 3 Basketball Week 5 Pick: 3’s Company