Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley Boxing Betting Update Is It Jake a Celebrity Match

Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley Boxing Betting Update: Is It a Celebrity Match?

With about a month before the big bout, neither Jake Paul nor Tyron Woodley have let up. Both are training as hard as possible to prove they can beat the other man. Paul and Woodley are also continuing their social media battle. But even though Jake Paul is a YouTube celebrity, is his boxing match against Tyron Woodley a celebrity fight? Keep reading for an answer to that question so you can be ready to bet against their Boxing lines

Is Tyron Woodley Vs Jake Paul a Celebrity Boxing Match?

Tyron Woodley vs Jake Paul

What constitutes a celebrity boxing match?

Before dissecting Paul versus Woodley, we should define what constitutes a celebrity boxing match. The Kardashians versus anyone is a good place to start.

Why? Because Kim and her sisters aren’t professional boxers. Jake Paul, though, is a professional boxer. Sure, he’s fought professionally a total of 3 times. All 3 fights were via knockout.

Yes, Paul didn’t take on a professional boxer, but let’s be serious for a moment. Any boxer with some talent won’t fight anybody that can beat them early in their career.

There are plenty of pro boxers that also moonlight as tomato cans who both Nate Robinson and Ben Askren could beat. So Jake Paul is a pro boxer.

Tyron Woodley isn’t. But Woodley has excellent striking skills, which makes him a professional combat sports athlete with tremendous striking ability.  

Is Jake Paul versus Tyron Woodley a celebrity boxing match?

After reading the above section, you might believe the answer to this question is no, but you’d be wrong. Jake Paul versus Tyron Woodley is a celebrity boxing match and a traditional boxing match.

Jake Paul is a professional boxer. Tyron Woodley, even though he isn’t a pro boxer is a pro combat sports athlete with boxing skills. Therefore, the fight is a boxing match.

But it’s also a celebrity boxing match because Jake Paul is a celebrity first. He’s not a celebrity like Manny Pacquaio.

Pac became a celebrity after becoming a pro boxer. JP is doing it the other way. He started his YouTube career, became famous by riding his big bro’s coattails, and then entered the boxing ring.

So when Jake Paul takes on Tyron Woodley on August 28, we’re going to witness both a celebrity and a traditional boxing match.  

A month before the fight, are their betting trends that require a boxing handicappers’ attention?

The most solid trend is on Tyron Woodley to beat Jake Paul. JP opened a -150 favorite. As of July 22, Woodley and Paul are both at -120.

The 70 points difference is big. It took a lot of money on Woodley to change the odds that significantly. 

We’ll see if a new trend develops, supposedly Jake has looked great preparing for this fight and most every boxing fan agrees the Paul brothers work hard. So if boxing handicappers feel Jake can land one of his thundering punches, and believe Woodley’s age, Tyron is 39, is detrimental to Tyron’s chances, money should flow to Paul. 


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