Boxing Lines: Floyd Mayweather Jr. Vs Logan Paul Fight Update

Boxing Lines: Floyd Mayweather Jr. Vs Logan Paul Fight Update

Written by on March 16, 2021

Although no date has yet to be set, Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather Jr. insist their bout will happen. One of the reasons for the delay? LP and Mayweather Jr. want to fight in front of fans.

It makes sense. Logan remains more of a YouTube star than he does a boxer. Heck, even if he beats Floyd, a remote possibility but one that exists, he’d never ditch his YouTube stardom and adhere to the type of disciplined lifestyle championship boxing requires. 

Logan recently made some huge boasts regarding his bout with one of the greatest of all time. Check out what those boasts entailed as well as why interest in the exhibition boxing match remains high so you can plan your bets against their Floyd Mayweather odds.

Logan Says He’s Knocking Out Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Logan says he has a “100-percent chance” of beating Floyd

In his show IMPAULSIVE, Logan and his two co-hosts had a debate about how much of a chance LP had of beating Floyd Mayweather Jr. It was an interesting segment. 

One that, no doubt, should rile up Floyd fans and Logan fans. It’s all showmanship, of course, but LP, like we’ve written in past articles, has huge physical advantage over Floyd Mayweather Jr.

The age difference, height, reach, and weight differences should come into play. Logan may have a point when he says he has what it takes to beat Floyd.

If he’s taking training seriously at all, and brother Jake has for sure in his bout with Ben Askren on April 17, Paul could learn enough to give Floyd a fight. It doesn’t help that Mayweather Jr. didn’t appear that great in his latest training video.  

Floyd unimpressively hits the heavy bag

Power and speed trump anything else in boxing. One of the thing that should give Logan fans some confidence is how Mayweather Jr. lacked both in his latest training video. 

Simply put, Floyd did not impress. The training video, which you can find by doing a search, shows Money calmly hitting the heavy bag. 

The way Floyd hits the bag on the video could be by design. The more Floyd gives the impression that Logan Paul has a chance in their bout, the more ticket and PPV sales. 

Most everyone believes Floyd Mayweather Jr. destroys Logan Paul. So if Mayweather can prove the doubters that this will be a tough fight, he’s likely to get haters and fans on both sides on board with what will be an exorbitant pay-per-view

That’s more dollars in Money Mayweather’s pockets. Next week, we’ll take a look at Mayweather’s 2017 bout with Conor McGregor, an exhibition that ended up a real boxing match. 


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