Mayweather Jr. Vs Logan Paul: Who benefited from the Delay?

Mayweather Jr. Vs Logan Paul: Who benefited from the Delay?

Written by on February 12, 2021

A few weeks ago, Fanmio released a statement saying that the Logan Paul versus Floyd Mayweather Jr. fight scheduled for February 20 had been postponed. Now, we know the reason why. Let’s take a closer at what’s going on with the fight delay so you can be all ready to make your bets against our Floyd Mayweather odds.

Who Will the Fight Delay Help More? Logan or Mayweather Jr.?

Per Logan Paul, the two sides have yet to hash out the “business side of things”, but that the fight will eventually happen. Paul name-dropped Al Haymon, who, no doubt, is angling for Floyd to get more money than the two sides had previously discussed. Also, both sides want as many fans in the arena as possible. 

Not that Logan cares. Paul believes the delay helps him. He doesn’t believe the delay helps Floyd. So, which is it? Which boxer does the delay help more? YouTube star Logan Paul, or the greatest welterweight of all time, Floyd Mayweather Jr.?

How the delay helps Logan Paul

Any delay to a fight against Money Mayweather should help Logan Paul, but only to a degree. The taller, bigger man is incredibly inexperienced. Paul admitted as much. 

On his YouTube channel, Logan said, “I need as much practice, training, and sparring under my belt against this guy as I can get.”

The more Paul can train for the fight, the better it is for him. One thing that Logan must be careful about, though, is his brother Jake getting in his way. Mayweather Jr. said he wants to fight Jake Paul if Jake beats Ben Askren in their April bout.

Askren is a former UFC fighter. A battle between Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather Jr. could be more lucrative than a fight between Logan Paul and Floyd. 

So, yes, from a physical point-of-view, delaying the fight helps Logan. But from a business aspect, the delay could give Floyd a reason to drop the fight.

How the delay helps Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Let’s put it this way, the delay doesn’t hurt Floyd. No matter what Logan says, Mayweather Jr.’s skills won’t depreciate the more they delay the fight. 

Paul’s statement, “with every day that passes I get better and he gets older”, shows how much Logan still has to learn about boxing. Pugilists who fail against inexperienced opponents like Logan do so because they haven’t changed their style.

It’s like Tiger hitting off the tee. If he hadn’t changed his swing, there’s no way Woods would have won the 2019 Masters. Floyd won’t try the same tactics against Logan Paul that he used to beat Oscar De La Hoya in 2007.

So, no Logan, the delay won’t hurt Floyd. In fact, it helps him big time. By delaying the fight, Al Haymon and Money Mayweather are signaling to Logan Paul that they control whether the bout happens or not.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. can fight anyone he wants. Jake Paul and Logan Paul won’t get the massive payday unless Floyd decides he’s ready. In that respect, the delay helps Floyd Mayweather Jr. more. 

Floyd’s the one who’s pulling the strings. Money decides if Logan has earned the right to box him. The longer the delay, the worse it is for Logan Paul and the better it is for Floyd Mayweather Jr.


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