Mike Tyson Vs Jones Jr. Fight Recap - Boxing Lines

Mike Tyson Vs Jones Jr. Fight Recap – Boxing Lines

Written by on December 3, 2020

Two of the greatest boxers in history entered the ring on November 28 to put on a show that viewers won’t soon forget. Iron Mike Tyson battled Roy Jones Jr. in one of the best heavyweight boxing matches of the year. Although the fight had been billed as an exhibition, neither Jones Jr. nor Tyson took it easy. Let’s take a closer look at the fight and recap the best moments of it so you can be ready to make your bets against our Mike Tyson odds if Iron Mike decides to fight again.

Tyson Vs Jones Jr. Recap: Iron Mike Gets the Best of Superman

Jones Jr. starts out moving

The fight started as one might expect. Although looking heavier and more out of shape, Roy Jones Jr. waltzed around the ring showing that he still had the boxing smarts that made him the best pound-for-pound fighter on the planet for almost ten straight years.

Superman doesn’t have the speed he used to, but his punching was accurate in the early rounds and he used his jab and off-balance punching prowess to keep Mike from landing a seriously powerful shot. 

The early rounds of the fight saw Superman darting with his jab, moving to the side, and never allowing Iron Mike to get comfortable. One of the most overlooked part of Roy’s game has always been his ability to not get hit.

Jones Jr. was Floyd Mayweather Jr. before there was a Floyd. He showed some of that on Saturday night.   

Iron Mike remains patient throughout

Mike Tyson showed what made him one of the greatest heavyweights to ever fight. Nobody expected Iron Mike to go into the ring and display the same speed and power he had shown while the youngest heavyweight in history.

What Mike did, though, was fight in a traditional stance, slip Roy’s punches, not over throw, and cut off the ring. He fought like a boxer who knew exactly what was required to win the match. The most impressive part of Tyson’s game on Saturday night? He didn’t throw a single wild punch and, to his credit, didn’t attempt to knockout Jones Jr. although there were a couple of moments when he could have. 

Tyson Vs Jones Jr. ends on a draw

The fight was exciting in the sense that the two legends didn’t hold back. Tyson probably could have knocked out Jones Jr. if he had pushed for it, but Mike didn’t push the pace. Now with that being said, perhaps Tyson didn’t have the gas to go for a KO.

Also, it’s not as if Jones Jr. stopped fighting. Tired and ready to call it quits, Roy kept throwing punches. He did the right things while in the ring, including pulling Iron Mike close to him to prevent Tyson from having enough room to throw power punches.

Tyson fans saw Mike winning the fight. Roy’s fans saw their guy winning. So, after Michael Buffer declared the bout a draw, nobody really argued about the outcome.


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