Boxing News Update: Logan Paul Vs Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Boxing News Update: Logan Paul Vs Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Written by on March 9, 2021

No word yet on where or when the Logan Paul versus Floyd Mayweather Jr. boxing match exhibition takes place. Last week, we wrote about how Floyd and Logan were likely to sign a contract to fight before Jake Paul, Logan’s brother, takes on Ben Askren. 

As every day passes with no announcement, it’s looking more and more like a dream. Mayweather may be waiting to see if Jake beats Askren. If JP pulls off the victory, Floyd may want to beat up Jake before he beats up Logan.

Check out the latest updates on Logan versus Floyd. We’d call it Paul versus Mayweather Jr, but we don’t want anyone to get confused with Logan Paul and Jake Paul.  Contrary to what many believe, they are not the same person. Let’s take a closer look to our latest Boxing update for the Logan Paul Vs Floyd Mayweather Jr. bout so you can keep planning your bets against their Floyd Mayweather odds.

Logan Paul Vs Floyd Mayweather Jr. – Is Showtime Going to Air the Bout?

  • When: TBD
  • Where: TBD
  • TV: TBD
  • Streaming: TBD

Logan Paul believes Showtime will make his fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr. the main event

On his podcast, IMPAULSIVE, yes, every word is capitalized, Logan Paul is quoted as saying, “I think I can say, I believe Al Haymon just went on Showtime and announced that it’ll be on Showtime.”

LP went on to say, “Al Haymon’s now involved. We’re going to do it right at the highest level of any massive, massive boxing event. Let’s get it.”

If Logan is correct, it’s only a matter of time before boxing becomes a three-ring circus. Okay, more of a three-ring circus than it sometimes already is. 

The one saving grace for boxing fans was that even though HBO had dumped their boxing programming, Showtime hadn’t. Pugilist aficionados could count on Showtime to display the best young talent in the game.

ESPN took away some of Showtime’s thunder when they signed a deal with Top Rank. But Showtime still shows professional, the key word in all of this, boxing matches.

Displaying a bout with any Paul brother is tantamount to throwing in the broadcast towel. Maybe, Showtime is struggling for money and Logan versus Paul is their best chance at filling the coffers.  

There is a saving grace for having Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather Jr. box on Showtime. Floyd could end the IUTDTBNIB (I used to do that but now I box) Movement. 

A devastating destruction of a single Paul brother should convince every millennial YouTuber sensation that boxing is fun, but it can also lead to an unwanted lifetime change to your facial features. 

Now, if either Logan or Jake beats Floyd, then, yep, boxing is probably over. 

Let’s keep our ears peeled for more on Logan Paul versus Floyd Mayweather Jr. In the meantime, check out odds on the Ben Askren versus Jake Paul bout. 

JP remains the chalk. Slowly but surely the odds difference has begun to shrink. Even if Ben Askren isn’t a boxer, he’s a giant step up from Nate Robinson and Al Gib. So check out the odds on that interesting April 17 bout.


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