2016 Ohio State Buckeyes Season Win Total Prediction

2016 Ohio State Buckeyes Season Win Total Prediction

Written by on August 10, 2016

This year, it’s all about J.T. Barrett and no else in fighting for the starting quarterback position, as the Ohio State Buckeyes look to get back to the top of the Big Ten Conference after blowing up their tires at the final stretch of the 2015 season. But with Michigan looking stronger than ever under Michigan cult hero Jim Harbaugh and the Spartans always capable of giving the Trojan Horse experience in the title race under Coach Mark Dantonio, Urban legend Meyer and his boys will definitely have their work cut out for them in the Big Ten. But that’s what why college football remains ever so interesting, right? Anyway, may the best team (and coach) win when all is said and done. In the meantime, let’s prepare for the new season with the following college football lines analysis on OU’s season win totals in 2016.

Here’s a Closer Look at the 2016 Ohio State Buckeyes Season Win Total Prediction

Roster Analysis

Much as I expect a good season from J.T. Barrett, the 2014 Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year and easily the most-experienced (and best) returning quarterback in the Big Ten this year, I would advise cautious optimism when handicapping the Buckeyes this season. Yes, the offense and defense is littered with several four and five star recruits, but this team is returning with the fewest starters in the entire nation at just six. This essentially means that Ohio State will have a roster that is predominantly filled with young and inexperienced players; something that is bound to make Meyer’s job very difficult as he hopes to match up to the heavily experienced teams like Michigan (within the conference) and Oklahoma (outside the conference).

Schedule Analysis

Speaking of Oklahoma, that’s the team the Bucks will open the season against, and with some of the best returning talent in the nation belonging to the Sooners team (see QB Baker Mayfield and RB Samanje Perine), I wouldn’t be surprised if the Bucks open their season with a loss. From their on, it will be fairly manageable for the Buckeyes until they take on the Big Ten duo of Michigan and Michigan State. On any other given season, I’d have predicted a sweep of these two teams, but with Harbaugh doing big things in Michigan (especially in the defense) and the Spartans being the Spartans, I foresee a split here, with the game against Michigan State being the most likely one to be won by Ohio State.

My Final Remarks and Betting Prediction

It’s a rebuilding year in Ohio State, but we all know what Meyer can do even with averagely talented players. To imagine that the Bucks won’t be playing well now that the team has an excellent QB, a solid offensive line and high-expectancy recruits is therefore unfathomable. So, while I don’t see them playing well enough (or winning enough games) to impress the college football playoff committee, I am almost certain that Buckeyes will take advantage of their soft schedule to hit the 10-win mark, of course tallying one or two losses in the process, as well.Recommended Ohio State Season Total Bet: OVER 9.5 Wins