Alabama Quarterback Battle Winning Favorites

Alabama Quarterback Battle Winning Favorites

Written by on August 16, 2016

The Alabama Crimson Tide have another quarterback battle going and while Nick Saban’s not happy about it, you can cash in because of it. “For the third year in a row, I’m standing up here talking about somebody’s going to be a new quarterback for us,” Saban said. “Somebody’s got to win that job. Somebody’s got to win the team. You know, that has not necessarily happened yet and, you know, I’m not going to sit up here and sort of try to, you know — I don’t know the right word, but give you some statistics on who’s winning the race and how the race is going and who’s ahead, are they on the back stretch or in the final turn. That’s something that’s going to happen probably in fall camp. I hope in fall camp.” Let’s look at the value-packed college football odds to become the starting quarterback of the defending national champions.

A Closer Look At The Alabama Crimson Tide Quarterback Battle Winning Favorites


Cooper Bateman -185

The 6-3, 224-pound junior completed 71.2 percent of his passes (37-of-52) for 291 yards with two interceptions and a touchdown in seven mostly meaningless appearances last season, but experience hasn’t given him the edge or he’d already have been named the starter by now. Cooper Bateman is a classic pocket passer that would flourish in a pro-style offense, but he’s not overly mobile or athletic.

Blake Barnett +155

Barnett is a redshirt freshman that is currently in third place at best in the quarterback race and possibly fourth. Save your money on Barnett although he’s clearly got the talent to start at almost any school in the country.

Jalen Hurts +1750

Hurts is the freshman sensation that has all of the physical and athletic gifts to be a star one day. If he can prove that he can play mostly error-free football for Saban, he could be the first true freshman to ever start for Saban at quarterback.

David Cornwell +5000

The 6-5, 234-pound redshirt sophomore looked to be totally out of the running for the starting job, but his howitzer of a right arm, combined with some recently improved play, have put him back in the mix. “David has a really good arm,” Saban said. “His arm talent is probably as good as anybody we have. His accuracy’s good. He’s smart, a very bright guy. I think he’s got enough experience in the offense having been around here to really have a good understanding of it. I think he’s made a lot of progress.”  

Expert Analysis and Prediction

My heart says, ‘go with Jalen Hurts…he’s the future’ but my head says that Nick Saban will probably go with a ‘safer’ choice, meaning either Cooper Bateman or David Cornwell will get the call. Personally, I think it’s going to be Bateman because of his slight edge in experience, but I still think Hurts has a chance, simply because he’s far more athletically gifted than the other three. In order…I’m going with Bateman, Hurts, Cornwell and Barnett.

My Pick: Cooper Bateman