Does Barrett’s Suspension Affect Ohio State’s NCAA Football Odds?

Does Barrett’s Suspension Affect Ohio State’s NCAA Football Odds?

Written by on November 4, 2015

The classic tale of young and pro athletes getting on the wrong side of the law due to drunk driving is one that College Football betting fans probably read about 1000-plus times in our online betting forums. But for some strange reason (maybe not that strange ‘coz we all know how tempting it is to want to get behind the wheel while impaired), the victims of drunk driving keep on piling up from all sports betting corners.

Analyzing if Barrett’s Suspension Affect Ohio State’s NCAA Football Odds

In the latest edition of this never-ending tale, starting Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett was busted by cops over the weekend for operating a vehicle while intoxicated. Unfair, I know, because that’s what people do during Halloween, but according to Ohio State’s school rules, such behavior isn’t permitted. Resultantly, Barrett was suspended for one game due to the incident, meaning the Bucks will host Minnesota this week without the quarterback, who is the team’s captain. In addition to that lone game suspension, the redshirt sophomore will have to forfeit his scholarship for the summer, a punishment that won’t come cheap for him. According to renowned college football pundit Tim Shoemaker, Barrett, a resident of Texas, will have to pay out-of-state tuition for the summer, which amounts to is a whopping $27,365 per year plus $11,666 for room and board. According to Buckeyes Head Coach Urban Meyer, the 20-year-old QB can earn back his scholarship, but to do so, he will have to pay court fees, lawyers and other charges associated with his legal issues.

Welcome Back Cardale Jones… and Braxton Miller!

After a long offseason of debates, the three-way competition for the starting QB position in Ohio State changed to two candidates, as last season’s starting QB Braxton Miller decided to convert himself to a receiver, probably under the advisement of Coach Meyer. The remaining two-way competition between Barrett and National Championship hero, Cardale Jones, was not solved in the offseason, and the season commenced with Jones assuming a starting a role and Barrett taking the bench. However, after using the two QBs interchangeably in the first couple of weeks of the season, and with Barrett impressing more than Jones, Meyer decided to reverse the roles, with Barrett starting and Jones taking a backseat on the bench. Since coming in as the starter for the Bucks, the dual-threat Barrett proved to be a real beast, torching his opponents with his legs and arms at will. His numbers on the year—472 yards and 7 TDs through the air, along with 329 yards and 7 additional TDs on the ground (including two 100-yard rushing games)—attest to his dominance, a key reason behind Ohio State’s unbeaten run entering Week 10. But with Barrett out for this week’s game, Jones, the media darling who is still undefeated as a Buckeyes starting quarterback since last season, will get his chance to impress this week. Lauded as one of the QBs with the best cannon arms in the nation, Jones’ game will be largely dependent on how his passes the ball. And if he can deliver an impressive performance, then Meyer could once again be forced review the starting QB role when Barrett returns after his suspension. And if that happens, then it could be a huge turning point for the Buckeyes, given that they have dates with the Michigan State Spartans and Michigan Wolverines looming dangerously at the end of this month. Another could-be notable beneficiary of Barrett’s suspension is the incumbent starting QB, Miller, who’s been wreaking havoc as a receiver, but would gladly welcome a return to the signal-calling department. Miller, a former two-time Big Ten Player of the Year, is a versatile triple-threat offensive weapon that can slice you as a quarterback, running back and wide receiver, and doing so with ease. In the event that Jones is struggling this week, then he could act as an emergency option off the bench. “As of right now it would be Braxton,” Meyer confirmed on Monday when asked about who would serve as Jones’ backup. “We’re right in the middle of those conversations, but there’s no question he’s our No. 2 quarterback [this week].” Of course, there are lingering questions about the viability of Miller’s arm after last year’s season-ending injury that resulted in a pair of surgeries on his throwing shoulder. Not to mention, Miller has been focusing more on learning the team’s rule books as a receiver and H-back, so transitioning back to the QB role could be somewhat confusing to him. That said, most QBs say throwing the ball is riding a bike, once you know how to do it, the skills don’t go away, so Miller should be able to make a serviceable comeback. To further assert his readiness for the role, coach Meyer revealed this week that “He [Miller} can throw.” And in regards to his preparations for the week, the head coach said, “We’re going to work that this week and get him ready to go.”

Final Remarks

As things stand now, it is Jones’ time to shine back in a starting QB role, something we are sure he’ll want to take full advantage. However, how he plays and whether or not it will affect the future of the starting QB situation, including Miller’s role in the team, are things that remain to be seen at the end of the week.