Can Jimbo Fisher Possibly Deliver at Texas A&M?

Can Jimbo Fisher Possibly Deliver at Texas A&M?

Written by on July 12, 2018

For a man who hasn’t yet signed his contract, Jimbo Fisher has sure been busy. Press conference after press conference, recruiting trips, spring football, it’s all been a part of Jimbo Fisher’s life the past few months. Fisher is the latest superstar college football coach to land in a former perennial powerhouse. Texas A&M is so enamored with their football team that they play in a place called College Station. The Aggies made the switch a few seasons ago from the Big 12 to the more robust and difficult SEC. Since the switch, only a player named Johnny Manziel has helped A&M come close to reaching its past glory, and even Manziel failed to provide Aggie fans a Top 4 ranking, much less a National Championship. That’s the pressure Jimbo Fisher will be under come this fall. Can he deliver? The 2019 National Championship odds seem to not favor the Aggies much

College Football:  Can Jimbo Fisher Possibly Deliver at Texas A&M?

The naysayers believe that A&M overpaid (well, they will overpay when Fisher signs his contract) for a college football coach with only a single National Championship under his belt. Speaking of his National Championship, that’s one of the reasons Fisher won’t deliver. Check out what the naysayers are saying about Fisher and Texas A&M.

Fisher simply took the money and ran

The contract Fisher will sign guarantees $75 million, and other perks, for 10-years. It’s the richest contract that a college football coach has ever signed. Faced with that kind of money, why wouldn’t Fisher bolt from Florida State to Texas A&M? Anybody would, right? But, do the Aggies really want a coach who just wants safety in the form of a 10-year contract and three-quarters of $100 million? Because the money is guaranteed, Fisher feels safe. Sometimes feeling safe isn’t the way to win National Championships.

Jimbo Fisher only won the National Championship because his QB was Jameis Winston

Winston’s having issues adjusting to life in the NFL. In college, nobody could touch him. The naysayers believe that Jimbo’s national title at FSU was the direct result of having Jameis Winston as his QB. It could be hard to argue that fact because before Jameis, Fisher didn’t win a title. After Jameis, Fisher didn’t win a title, either.

Jimbo goes from tackling Clemson every season…

Clemson, and their excellent coach Dabo Sweeney, became the thorn in Florida State and Jimbo Fisher’s side. Since losing to Oregon 20-59 in the 2014-2015 College Football Playoff, with Jameis Winston as his QB, Fisher hasn’t had enough success to get past Clemson in the ACC. Florida State has been downright bad compared to Clemson since that CFP Season. In 2015, Clemson beat FSU 23 to 13. Clemson beat Florida State 37 to 34 in 2016. What happened in 2017? Dabo took down Jimbo’s squad by a 31 to 14 score.

To battling Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, and LSU every season

If Jimbo thought trying to beat Dabo Sweeney’s team every season, he hasn’t seen anything yet. Try beating Nick Saban at Alabama, Kirby Smart at Georgia, Gus Mahlzan at Auburn, and Ed Orgeron at LSU every year. That’s not even counting Dan Mullen at Florida and Jeremy Pruitt at Tennessee. The best coaches, which means the best teams with the best players, reside in the Southeastern Conference. Fisher went from being a slightly smaller fish to Clemson in a pond, to becoming a minnow in an ocean. Will Jimbo Fisher prove the naysayers wrong? We’ve got about 8 to 10 weeks before the attempt begins.