Top sexiest college cheerleaders!

Sexy Cheerleaders that Will Make NCAAF Betting Fans Seat

Written by on December 14, 2015

While NCAAF betting is one of the most exciting sports in North America, collegiate football followers everywhere know there’s nothing like a little bit of eye-candy to help make your enjoyment just a tad more fun. With that said, this look at the 10 hottest cheerleading squads in all of college football is sure to please football fans – and distracted daydreamers – everywhere. Okay, let’s rock and roll!

Sexy Cheerleaders that Will Make NCAAF Betting Fans Seat

10. Louisville

The Cardinals may not be a perennial national title contender, but they should be when it comes to sexy cheerleaders. The Cards’ cheerleading squad features a nice mix of races for guys that like girls of all skin tones… like myself! The Cards' cheerleaders!

9. Houston

The Houston Cougars have a football program that is on the rise – and a cheerleading squad that can ‘twerk’ it like nobody’s business. Houston's cheerleaders.

8. North Carolina

If you think North Carolina is just a basketball school – think again. The Tar Heels have a blossoming gridiron program and one of the hottest cheerleading squads in the country! Don’t believe me? Then go online and check the Heels cheerleaders out for yourselves. North Carolina's cheerleaders.

7. Oklahoma State

The Cowboys are everywhere! Oklahoma State’s football cheerleading squad is hot with a capital ‘H’ people! If you like that ‘Midwest’ look of hot girls that can probably rope a steer – or you – then you’re in luck! Oklahoma State's cheerleaders.

6. TCU

It’s true… everything is bigger in Texas – and if you don’t believe me, just check out the Horned Frogs cheerleaders come bowl time. Hopefully, you’ll be able to control yourselves. TCU's cheerleaders.

5. LSU

The Tigers cheerleading squad features of great mix of all races and just has a ‘Cajun’ feel to it if you ask me. Then again, everything is spicy in Louisiana. LSU's cheerleaders.

4. USC

If you like long-haired blondes, then you should know that Southern Cal has a boatload of bombshell beauties that all look like they could become swimsuit models. USC's cheerleaders.


Well…it’s Sin City, so I guess it’s no surprise that some of the sexiest cheerleaders in the world attend UNLV. I don’t care if the Runnin’ Rebels ever win a game as long as their cheerleaders show up! UNLV's cheerleaders.

2. Oregon

Oregon’s football cheerleading squad is absolutely hot people as in absolutely incendiary. The Ducks cheerleaders come in all shapes, sizes and colors too, making them one of the perfect units for men – and I guess some women – to endlessly gaze at! Orgeon's cheerleaders.

1. Miami

Oh my goodness! Miami’s cheerleaders are freaking on fire. From their beautiful booties to the mesmerizing ways they move and contort their bodies, the U has a cheerleading squad they can be proud of. Miami's cheerleaders.