2019 ICC Cricket World Cup Odds, Preview, and Pick

2019 ICC Cricket World Cup Odds, Preview, and Pick

Written by on May 31, 2019

The 2019 Cricket World Cup is underway. England, the Cricket World Cup favorites, already have 2 points. So does dark horse the West Indies. Check out 2019 World Cup betting odds and analysis. Also, make sure to check out individual Cricket World Cup odds.

2019 ICC Cricket World Cup Odds, Preview, and Pick

  • When: May 30 – July 14
  • Where: England, Wales
  • Live Stream: Star Sports

2019 Cricket World Cup Odds

  • England +200
  • India +300
  • Australia +700
  • South Africa +900
  • New Zealand +1200
  • West Indies +1600
  • Pakistan +2000
  • Bangladesh +125000
  • Sri Lanka +150000

Which favorite appears destined for Cricket World Cup glory? England or India?

Per the International Cricket Council (ICC), England ranks first in the world. The English have never won the Cricket World Cup. However, the team hasn’t lost since June 2017. They beat the West Indies, Australia a couple of times, New Zealand, India, and Sri Lanka. This year, they drew 2-2 with the West Indies.

England also has four hitters, called batsmen in cricket, ranked in the ICC Top 20: Jos Buttler, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan, and Jonny Bairstow. That makes England the team to beat. It helps that the 2019 Cricket World Cup is in England and Wales.

It doesn’t mean that India has no shot, though. India has the top two-ranked batsmen in cricket: Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma. They also have the top shortstop/second baseman, called a bowler in cricket, in Jasprit Bumrah. India can most definitely take the Cricket World Cup. They have twice already.

Who deserves backing? India offers better odds. So, they’re the team to take a shot on if you’re looking to back a favorite to win.

Does Australia or South Africa have the best shot of upsetting England and India?

South Africa has a chance, but Australia has won the Cricket World Cup five times. They’ve actually won the last 4-of-5 Cricket World Cups. Australia knows how to get it done on the cricket pitch.

One other reason to like Australia is because two players return from suspension: Steve Smith and David Warner. Both are standout batsmen.

Which dark horse, New Zealand, the West Indies, or Pakistan, can win the 2019 Cricket World Cup?

Pakistan might be the underdog to back. The Pakistani’s boast a couple of young batsmen in Imam Ul-Huq and Babar Azam. Those two players are exceptional. The issue with Pakistan has been a lack of consistency. Not only that, Australia dominated them in their last overnight-day international (ODI).

Pakistan did upset England at the 2017 ICC World Championships. If they upset England once, why couldn’t they upset them again?