Betting on the Underdog: Team USA's Chances at the T20 World Cup

Betting on the Underdog: Team USA’s Chances at the T20 World Cup 2024

When the United States achieved the final out to get their win over Pakistan at the T20 World Cup, it was akin to the shot heard round the cricket world.

How far will Team USA in the T20 World Cup?


My Analysis

That the unlikely victory barely made the news in the US gives you some idea as to just how overlooked the sport of cricket is in this part of the world. If we are being honest, the average sports lover in the United States probably knows little to nothing about cricket, and we’re probably not even aware that such a major tournament is happening right now. Will that change now that the US cricket team has downed a giant?

It is going to take some time to learn if the success at the T20 World Cup will have a larger impact on how cricket is viewed in the United States, and it might even depend on what the team of part-timers does now.

As it stands at the moment, the US is tied with India, another cricketing superpower, at the top of their group standings, and while other results over the weekend went in their favor, the US still has some work to do if they are to move on to the Super 8 Round.



USA vs India

The next task for the Americans is a game against India on Wednesday. The slight advantage that the US has is that they are playing on home soil, but that is pretty much where it ends ahead of this game. In the lead up to the Pakistan match, there was a sense that an upset might be in the offing.

Pakistan had not looked great in the lead-up to the tournament and had, due to weather issues, not had a lot of time to practice ahead of their match against the host nation. That is not going to be an issue for India.

The game against India is one that the US is almost certainly going to lose. You are going to be hard-pressed to find a cricket fan outside of North America who believes otherwise. A loss there would not be the end of the world, though, as the Americans would still have a game against Ireland to decide their fate.


USA vs Ireland

The Irish have struggled in this tournament, losing both their games, so they are certainly there for the taking. If the US can win that one, they will move on to the Super 8.

Getting out of the group stage would be a massive victory in and of itself for the United States, but the harsh reality is that they would be moving on to face giants of this sport, which would probably mean that their fairy tale run would come to an end rather quickly.

However, it plays out, the United States has already made their mark in this tournament, but is they are to make an impact on how the sport is viewed in this part of the world, I think they are going to need to pick up a win against Ireland and move on to be among the big boys.

T20 World Cup Cricket Schedule for the USA
12 June vs India
14 June vs Ireland


T20 World Cup Winner Odds

  • India +250
  • Australia +350
  • England +540
  • South Africa +600
  • New Zealand +800
  • Pakistan +1000
  • West Indies +1425
  • Sri Lanka +1600
  • Afghanistan +3300
  • Bangladesh +3500
  • Zimbabwe +11000
  • Ireland +50000
  • USA +50000
  • United Arab Emirates +100000

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