Entertainment Betting News: F9 Opening Weekend Rejuvenates Movie Theatre Chains

Entertainment Betting News: F9 Opening Weekend Rejuvenates Movie Theatre Chains

If you look on MyBookie, the sportsbook is lite on options in the Entertainment category. Something happened over the weekend that, hopefully, will help change that. For the first time in over a year, a movie debuted with a massive money-making opening. Check out details on how Universal’s Fast & Furious franchise may have saved the film industry along with information about the other big movie landing in a theatre near you. Let’s get right to it so you can keep betting against MyBookie’s Movies Odds.

Universal’s Fast & Furious 9 Movie Betting Recap

9th movie in Fast and Furious Franchise scores big

Whenever Paramount Studios feels like making money, they release a Star Trek movie. Whenever Universal feels like making money, they release a Fast & Furious film. 

Although many places remain under COVID-19’s ominous cloud, the latest film in the franchise, F9, scored huge at the box office. F9 made $70 million in U.S. theatres over the weekend.

Universal released the film internationally in May. It scored $37.9 million internationally over the weekend, bringing it’s total since the international release in May to a whopping $405 million.

Per Comscore, 80% of movie theatres are now open

One of the reasons F9 performed so great in the U.S. is because, per Comscore, 80% of movie theaters in the United States have opened. 

Recently, the CDC said those who are vaccinated mustn’t wear masks indoors. On July 29, California suggested that even individuals who have been fully vaccinated should wear masks indoors due to the Delta variant.

But California suggested that vaccinated individuals who are indoors where masks. They didn’t make it a law, which means California moviegoers, no doubt, will ditch the masks. 

Does F9’s success mean other films will make big money this summer?

The entire movie industry was banking on the Fast & Furious’ ninth film. But even though F9’s performance should make other studios, like Disney, which will release Black Widow in July, bullish, there’s no guarantee that other movies perform as well as F9. 

Universal took the plunge with their big summer movie first, and because of that, got the spoils. Black Widow should make a ton of money. But by July 9, Black Widow’s opening day, who knows where the U.S. will be with the Delta variant?

Also, cars, which is what Fast & Furious is about, has much more international appeal than Marvel characters. Black Widow is a more difficult movie to sell internationally than fast cars.

Keep your ears peeled on how the Delta variant could affect moviegoers. Hopefully, F9 isn’t the only film that brings in the bucks this summer.