All You Need to Know about 2017 eSports Betting Games

All You Need to Know about eSports Betting

Written by on July 21, 2017

Whether it is Call of Duty, League of Legends, Dota 2 or any other eSports game, there are several types of betting markets available for eSports betting fans. And with eSports continually gaining popularity across the globe as a thrilling option for eSports tournament lovers and online betting enthusiasts, the eSports betting industry can only grow bigger and better. In this eSports betting guide, we will be highlighting the kinds of bets you can place when wagering on eSports.

A Closer Look At All You Need to Know about 2017 eSports Betting Games


Moneyline Match Bets

The most basic type of betting on eSports is wagering on a match winner, commonly known as moneyline or straight-up betting. Like traditional betting in most sportsbooks, moneyline bets in eSports involve wagering on the team you think will win the match. The outcome of these single-match bets are usually represented with odds in the form of win, lose or draw options. Most bookmakers and punters love moneyline bets as they are easy to understand and very straight-forward when it comes to calculating payments. In addition, eSports bettors can easily and quickly cash out their winnings from the straight-up bets, given that you don’t need to wait for a tournament to finish to get paid.

Outright Group/Tournament Bets

In this case, outright bets refer to those wagers you place on the team or player you think will win the entire tournament, depending on the eSports game you are betting on. Knowing the overall winner of an entire tournament—for example, in a >Starcraft 2 tournament — can be very difficult, considering there are several players involved and the road to victory can be very complicated. That said, these complications are usually well-accounted for in eSports lines; with the eSports odds for these outright bets often being very high. As such, betting on these eSports lines can be very profitable if you are able to predict the winners correctly. As a notable eSports betting tip, the best time to place wagers on this type of bet is before the tournament begins—this is when the eSports odds for the outright bets are usually at their highest for both favorites and underdogs.

2017 LCK Summer – League of Legends Standings – Regular Season May 30th – Aug 6th 2017

  1. Samsung Galaxy 11-2 (23-8) +15pts
  2. Longzhu Gaming 10-3 (23-10) +13pts
  3. KT Rolster 10-3 (22-11) +11pts
  4. SK Telecom T1 9-5 (18-13) +5pts
  5. Afreeca Freecs 8-5 (21-15) +6pts
  6. Jin Air Green Wings 6-7 (15-15) 0pts
  7. ROX Tigers 5-8 (14-18) -4pts
  8. Olivers 3-11 (9-24) -15pts
  9. Ever8 Winners 2-11 (9-22) -13pts
  10. MVP 2-11 (5-23) -18pts

Handicap Bets

The handicap eSports betting market is one of the most loved options in the industry, especially in matches or tournaments that don’t offer much value in the moneylines and other related markets. Usually, the handicapping value is determined by aspects such as the nature of the match-up between the contestants and the skill level of the opponents. Again, like in most sports betting markets, the eSports odds for handicapping are usually represented such that the better team/player has a minus handicap against their name, while the lesser player/team has a plus handicap. When you place a wager on this online sportsbooks market, you are simply betting on whether the team with the handicap advantage (which is mostly the favorite) or disadvantage wins the bet.


OVER/UNDER bets are those wagers placed on given statistics of a match or tournament (i.e. combined scores of two opponents, total number of kills, total number of rounds, or even total number of points accumulated in a match/tournament). When you bet on the number going higher, it’s an OVER wager, while betting on a lower value than the number at your bookmaker means it’s an UNDER wager.  In eSports betting, a bet of two is called a “double” and a bet of the three is called a “triple”.

Accumulator Bets

As is suggested by the name, an accumulator bet is wager that is simply constituted of an accumulation of more than one bet. In eSports, a bet of two is called a “double” and a bet of the three is called a “triple”. When you have an accumulation of more than three bets, the word fold is usually included with the number—i.e. fourfold, fivefold, sixfold and so on. Like most multiple bets (also known as combination and parlay bets), accumulators come with extra risks. But then again, that’s the beauty of accumulator eSports bets because they also come with high betting odds, and when you win the bets, you’ll be greatly rewarded with solid returns.

Special Bets

Also known as prop bets or novelty bets, special eSports bets can mean almost anything that isn’t tied down to kinds of bets that we’ve detailed above. A bit of some knowledge on a match or tournament is important when placing special bets, but for the most part, these wagers often rely on luck rather than your knowledge. Below are some examples of special bets you can place on eSports.
  • First Blood: Bets placed on a player/team that scores the first kill of the match (like in League of Legends).
  • Map Winner: Bets placed on a player/team that wins the specified map (like in League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive or DOTA 2)
Ultimately, your choice of what kind of bet to place on eSports bookies entirely depends on you and your preferences. But as general eSports betting tip, always go for the type(s) of bet that you are most familiar and comfortable with.