ESL CS2 Masters Odds for Spring Event

Betting SC2 Odds for the Next ESL SC2 Masters 2024 Spring

The ESL CS2 Masters 2024 Spring: Europe has been taking place since April 10th, and things are about to really start heating up, specially when thinking about the SC2 odds of your next match. 32 of the top players for this region are competing in this competition, and those players were split up into two groups of 16.

Group stage action is getting close to finishing up, and that is when the real fun and excitement is going to begin. The best players in the world are going to be placed onto the bracket and they will compete for a chance to win some big money.

Not only will this tournament come with some good entertainment, but there will also be some great betting options that emerge as well. Here is a look at how the group stage is playing out, and some teams to keep an eye on.


Betting SC2 Odds for the Next ESL SC2 Masters 2024 Spring | MyBookie eSports SC2 Betting Preview

ESL SC2 Masters 2024 Spring | Starcraft II
End: May 5th, 2024


A Look at Group A

The top eight in Group A have already been decided, and now it’s simply about placing those players on the bracket. There is still some work to be done for the top teams, but the betting favorites are already starting to emerge.

Clem and Spirit are the lone undefeated teams still in this group, but they have only gone 3-0 with matches left to be played. Clem will likely hold on to the top spot by winning two more times, but there will be other players trying to make up some ground as well.

ELazer and Goblin are two other players that could be in the mix to come up with a big win in the finals as they are both sitting at 3-1. It took three wins from Group A in order to advance to the playoffs, and that means that those teams are all capable of having some success.


Top Talent From Group B

MaxPax and Reynor look like the top teams from Group B, and they have been playing well so far throughout the group stage. Each player has gone 3-0, and they are going to head into the bracket stage with a great overall seed.

There are some other teams to keep an eye on in Group B, but it’s hard to ignore just how well those players have performed up to this point. Harstem and Lambo have also been playing well up to this point, and they should be two other players to truly keep an eye on.


ESL SC2 Masters 2024 Spring: Big Battles Coming

Once the bracket play starts, that’s really when the top betting action is going to come into play. All of the playoffs are going to be done with a best-of-three format, and that is going to lead to some excitement.

The top teams from each group should be able to have some success throughout the bracket, but there will be some upset to cash in on as well. Be sure to keep a close eye on those betting odds and be ready to react whenever you see a good option.

These are the best CS2 players in the entire world, and there will be some tremendous action throughout the rest of the event.

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