Top eSports Betting Picks for the Week – November 6th Edition

Top eSports Betting Picks for the Week – November 6th Edition

Written by on November 6, 2018

Counter Strike: Global Offensive ECS Pro League Season 6 continues this week with matches on both Wednesday, Nov,. 7 and Thursday, Nov. 8. On Nov. 7, Virtus.Pro battles Ninjas in Pyjamas (NIP) in a couple of big time throw downs. We analyze the first matchup between the two squads. Later in the day, Complexity takes on MIBR. On Nov. 8, Complexity battles Renegades in a couple of matches. Before we analyze one of those battles, we look at G2 versus NIP. Who will be the favorites to win in the eSports odds? Let’s find out!

Top eSports Betting Picks for the Week – November 6th Edition

Wednesday, Nov. 7

  • Pro vs NIP
  • NIP vs Virtus.Pro
  • Pro vs LDLC
  • LDLC vs Virtus.Pro
  • Complexity vs Rogue
  • Complexity vs MIBR
  • Rogue vs Complexity
  • MIBR vs Complexity
  • TeamOne vs Vault
  • Swole Patrol vs Ethereal

Virtus.Pro vs NIP

Virtus.Pro history with Ninjas in Pyjamas, losing to that outfit 0:1 on Sep. 29 at the Blast Pro Series in Istanbul, Turkey. NIP should show up as the favorite in this, but depending what happens in the first match Virtus.Pro could learn enough to get to Ninjas.

Then again, Virtus.Pro just hasn’t been on their game. They went 0-3 at the FaceIt Major in London, losing to NIP, North, and Optic. They went 1-4 at the Blast Pro Series, only beating Cloud9.

Ninjas in Pyjamas should take both matches on Wednesday.

eSports Betting Pick: NIP

Complexity vs MIBR

Copmplexity’s played well. In recent matches, they’ve gone a decent 2-1, beating G2 Esports and Heroic. Complexity took the wins against both those rivals by a 2:1 score. The loss to Optic on Nov. 3, an 0:2 loss, could be a sign that Complexity has trouble on Wednesday.

However, MIBR was a mess at the Blast Pro Series in Copenhagen, losing all 5 of their matches. This is an ECS Season 6 North American match, though. MIBR dominated the last time they battled in North America, winning 10 straight.

It’s hard to look past MIBR in this spot.

eSports Betting Pick: MIBR

Thursday, Nov. 8

  • G2 vs LDLC
  • LDLC vs G2
  • NIP vs G2
  • G2 vs NIP
  • Complexity vs Renegades
  • Renegades vs Complexity
  • MIBR vs Rogue
  • Rogue vs MIBR

G2 vs NIP

Ninjas in Pyjamas are back in action on Thursday in a couple of battles versus G2 Esports. The ECS Season 6 European battles favor NIP as G2 has gone 1-6 in their last 7. Early odds indicate that G2 shows up the dog in the first match and the slight favorite in the second match.

NIP ‘s a quality outfit, only losing to Navi twice in their last 8. They should have no trouble taking down G2 in both matches on Thursday.

eSports Betting Pick: NIP

Renegades vs Complexity

Renegades will offer underdog odds in both their matches versus Complexity on Thursday. Complexity should win the first match, but after that Renegades will have a shot.

Renegades beat Team Liquid 1:0 on Oct. 18. They beat Cloud9 1:0 on Oct. 10. They’ve got a match versus MIBR at the Intel Masters on Oct. 6. If they win that, they’ll be hot heading into their Thursday matches. Even if MIBR puts a beat down on them, they might be worth a look.

Renegades can lose the first match against Complexity, then take the second match. They’re the team to back in the second go around between these two on Thursday.

eSports Betting Pick: Complexity