Top eSports Betting Picks for the Week – September 16th Edition

Top eSports Betting Picks for the Week – September 16th Edition

Written by on September 16, 2019

Great CS:GO action takes place this weekend. The Game Clash Masters 2019, a three-day tournament in Poland, kicks off on Sep. 20. DreamEaters battles Avangar while Big takes on Furia, Ago takes on Illuminar, and there’s a huge clash between Aristocracy and Sprout. Then at the ESL European Championships, two matches take place on Sep 20: Heroic-Gamer Legion and Forze-Heretics. Check out 6 of the top eSports betting matches of the week!

Top eSports Betting Picks for the Week – September 16th Edition

CS:GO – Game Clash Masters 2019 – Poland

  • Where: Poland
  • When: 20 – Sep. 22
  • Streaming: Twitch

Friday, Sep. 20

  • DreamEaters / Avangar

DreamEaters had a tough go of it at the StarLadder-Berlin. They lost all 3 of their matches. Avangar dominated at the Blast Pro Series in Russia when winning 4 in a row. They should have no trouble taking it to DreamEaters after beating Team Liquid and G2 at the StarLadder Berlin.

eSports Betting Pick: Avangar

  • Big / Furia

German squad Big beat MIBR, but lost to Heroic at the ESL Cologne back in July. Furia went 2-0 at the Arctic Invitational over the weekend. Furia is a good squad, but taking on Big is a step up. Big gets it done.

eSports Betting Pick: Big

  • Ago / Illuminar

Polish team Ago will have a home advantage in their battle with Illuminar. Ago lost to Windigo at the Electronics Sports Games in China back in March. Ago should dominate Illuminar, who has much more success in Fortnite and Hearthstone.

eSports Betting Pick: Illuminar

  • Aristocracy / Sprout

Over the weekend, Sprout lost 0-2 to Windigo at the European Challengers Cup. They did beat Se7en. Earlier last week, they had trouble with Forze, but beat Heretics. They’re in decent enough form to take down Aristocracy.

eSports Betting Pick: Sprout

CS:GO – ESL European Championships

  • Where: Online Tournament
  • Streaming: Twitch

Friday, Sep. 20

  • Heroic / Gamer Legion

Heroic is on a 4 match win streak with victories versus: Spirit, Windigo, Cr4zy, and Tricked. Gamer Legion is on a 2 match win streak, including beating Heroic 2-1 on Sep. 13. Can Gamer Legion make it two in a row versus Heroic? Not likely.

eSports Betting Pick: Heroic

  • Forze / Heretics

Forze last battled at the Blast Pro Series in Moscow. They had a tough time of it versus NIP, AVG, Navi, and MIBR. Heretics should prove much easier to face off against. However, Heretics beat Forze on 9/13 in a European Challengers Cup match. Heretics makes it 2 in a row versus their rivals.

eSports Betting Pick: Heretics