Top eSports Betting Picks for the Week – September 24th Edition

Top eSports Betting Picks for the Week – September 24th Edition

Written by on September 24, 2018

Counter Strike: Global Offensive tournaments continue this week with major battles in the ESL One New York taking place on Wednesday, Sep. 26. Check out our analysis, eSports odds and picks for FNatic vs Mousesports, G2 vs Faze, and NRG vs Liquid.

Top eSports Betting Picks for the Week – September 24th Edition

Tuesday, Sep. 25 Matches

  • C4 +158 vs Detona -188
  • Good Fellas +159 vs Isurus -179
  • Furia Inagame +108 vs W7M -128
  • Exsto +200 vs Breakaway -260
  • Seadoggs +500 vs Order -800
  • Natus Vincere +170 vs Astralis -220

Wednesday, Sep. 26

FNatic +133 vs Mousesports -153

FNatic went 2-3 in 5 matches at the FaceIt Major in London. The UK eSports team hopes to play better in the ESL One New York. That could be tough because the last time FNatic battled Mousesports, they lost 1:2. Mousesports heads into this battle as cold as ice, though. They ride a 4-game losing streak: 1:2 to North, 0:1 to NIP (Ninjas In Pyjamas), 0:1 to MIBR, and 0:1 to FaZe. Can Mousesports turn it around and beat FNatic as a favorite? Maybe, but it’s tough to look past FNatic’s odds. At +133, FNatic’s worth a play to take down icy Mousesports. eSports Betting Pick: FNatic

G2 +400 vs FaZe -500

On Sep. 16, FaZe Clan beat G2 eSports 2:0. Before the loss, G2 had won a match over Cloud 9. Is it possible that the team that beat Cloud 9 shows up Wednesday instead of the team that FaZe just dominated? Possible, but even if it does, it’s hard to see G2 beating FaZe Clan on Sep. 26. FaZe lost 0:2 to Astralis in the Face-It Major Playoffs. Before the loss they had won 3 straight: 1:0 over Mousesports, 1:0 over TyLoo, and 2:0 over G2. G2 doesn’t matchup well with FaZe. Unless FaZe suffers a letdown because of the Sep. 21 loss to Astralis, they should dominate G2 on Wednesday. It’s tough to swallow low odds, but it’s tougher to go against a clear favorite like FaZe. eSports Betting Pick: FaZe

NRG +284 vs Liquid -384

NRG looked great in the Intel Extreme Masters in Shanghai when winning all 4 of their matches. They dominated both Gambit and TyLoo 2:0. DreamHack Stockholm was a different story, though. NIP beat NRG 1:0 while NaVi beat NRG 2:1. Like NRG, Team Liquid heads into this Wednesday battle off a loss. Unlike NRG losing in DreamHack Stockholm, Liquid lost in the Face-It Major Playoffs to Astralis 0-2. Liquid should have no trouble beating NRG as the favorites because they battled higher quality teams at the Face-It Major. eSports Betting Pick: Liquid