Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Face-It Major Championships Sep. 20 – Sep. 23

Counter-Strike: Face-It Major Championships Sep. 20 – Sep. 23

Written by on September 17, 2018

One of the top Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournaments of the year takes place at the Face-It Major Championships. The Face-It Major Championships start on September 20 and runs through September 23. Although the eSports odds have yet to be set, check out a preview of the Top 8 teams heading into Face-It Major Championship Week!

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Face-It Major Championships Sep. 20 – 23

Standings Top 8

** As of Sep. 15 Complexity – Complexity Gaming has been fantastic since during the Face-It Major Tournament. The American outfit has won 6 straight CS:GO matches, including beating Fnatic, G2 Esports, and BIG in their last 3. Team Liquid – Like Complexity Gaming, Liquid has been en fuego. Hailing from the Netherlands, Team Liquid has been on as much of a tear as Complexity, winning 6 in a row. Team Liquid’s 6 wins happened against: OpTic, HellRaisers, Vega Squadron, Winstrike, Ninjas in Pyjamas, and Astralis. The Astralis win was big because Liquid had lost to Astralis in late July. NaVi – Since NaVi lost 0:2 to North in the playoffs at DreamHack Stockholm and since Navis beat them in their first Face-It Major match on Sep. 12, NaVi’s clawed back for two straight victories. The Ukranian team beat FaZe Clan 1:0 before beating Ninjas in Pyjamas 1:0. BIG – BIG’s gone 3-1 SU in 4 matches at Face-It Major. They beat FaZe Clan and TYLOO. On Saturday, Sep. 15, they took out HellRaisers 1:0. Complexity Gaming beat BIG on Sep. 7. Will BIG turn the tables if they get a chance to face those rivals in the Face-It Major Championships? Astralis – Before the 0:1 loss to Team Liquid on Sep. 14, Astralis had beaten both NaVi and Vega Squadron. Astralis beat Vega Squadron back on June 9. If they can discover the form that led to that win, they could upset both Liquid and Complexity this week.   MIBR – MIBR has climbed back into the Top 8 after starting the Face-It Major with a loss to TYLOO. How did MIBR do it? By beating mousesports.CS and G2 Esports.    Fnatic – Like MIBR, Fnatic has climbed back into contention after a first match loss. Complexity beat Fnatic before one of the UK’s best hopes for the Face-It Major Championship took down Winstrike and Vega Squadron. Ninjas in Pyjamas – Swedish CS:GO team Ninjas in Pyjamas was out of the championship bracket until beating Vega Squadron on Sep. 15. NIP will now look to build on the victory at the Face-It Major Championships. Will Complexity and Team Liquid continue their undefeated streaks to a championship showdown? Can Ninjas in Pyjamas, Fnatic, MIBR and Astralis pull off the upset? Odds will come out once the Face-It Major Championships are set. Continue to check back on MyBookie for Wednesday, Sep. 20 match odds!