eSports Betting

Is eSports Worthy for Sports Bettors?

Written by on March 27, 2016

According to new research released at the end of 2015, ESports is the real future of sportsbetting and will grow from a $250 million worth in the 2015 global gambling market to approximately $23 billion by 2020. Further studies that have been released since then have affirmed that the eSports gaming market is here to stay, with Fantasy Sports Sites and many Sportsbooks already exploiting the opportunity presented by the millions of video gamers who are thrilled by the budding market. But the biggest question that remains among gamers and bettors interested in eSports is whether it worth betting on this gaming company. Well, here are some quick bites that should help in answering that question.   Benefits of Betting on eSports
  • eSports has established itself as a trusted brand in the gaming space for nearly 16 years, meaning it has a huge clientele base that guarantees an on-flowing customer base for sportsbetting companies that take up to the initiative. As an example, research firm New Zoo estimated earlier this year that global eSports awareness will reach as high as 1.2 billion gamers—or even more—by 2017.
  • With Major Sportsbooks already aligning to the eSports dream; and Fantasy Sports brands also exploiting the initiative, the public can easily access and bet on eSport games in an easy way without having to change into new betting houses.
  • Punters can bet on eSports any given day and time of the year, given that is a 24/7, 365 days operating company.
  • There is always something you can bet on in eSports, as it is a thriving industry with a lot of viewers and a lot of content. With so many game plays to make and so many strategies to use, bettors have a variety of options to choose from and keep them busy all day, something that comes with huge potential for the global sports betting market that was worth up to $3 trillion by late last year. To understand how that is big deal, the number is more than the GDP of Russia, India, or Canada.
  Challenges and Final Remarks about Betting on eSports The biggest challenge on eSports betting is that, like the global sportsbetting world where just about 15 percent of the betting market is legal or visible to regulators; the scope of betting on video games is largely under-regulated. The fear, therefore, is that the largely unregulated industry will lead to the growth organized crime and money laundering schemes, as has been reported in some sportsbetting arenas.   So, although several initiatives and regulatory measures have been put in place to harness the strengths that wagering on eSports can brings to the table, there is still a big need for its founders and betting companies that welcome the idea into their houses to find more strategies of minimizing its risks. It is only by doing that that the competitive integrity and other potential harms that plague the under-regulated traditional sportsbetting markets will be solved for the growth of eSports betting across the world.