eSports Betting: League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) 2020 Summer Split - July 11 matches

eSports Betting: League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) 2020 Summer Split – July 11 matches

Written by on July 10, 2020

League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) 2020 Summer is set to enter the second half of the split this weekend, when we will get to see the final cycle of fixtures before LCS teams start with the rematches from the first half of the split. Let’s preview the upcoming matches so you can plan ahead your bets against their League of Legends odds.

League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) 2020 Summer – July 11 Matches

Cloud9 vs Team SoloMid – Saturday, July 11 – 13:00 PST

There are not many certainties in life, but if there is one thing that comes close to it, it’s Cloud9 winning the LCS 2020 Summer. Even though there is always a chance C9 might stumble and fall, the fact of the matter is that C9 dominated every team they have faced so far and are 8-0 halfway through the season.

The only team, C9 have yet to face this split, however, are TSM, who are not only one of their biggest rivals, but also the only team in the league that could potentially hand C9 their first loss.

TSM are a team that has the individual quality to contest the LCS title, but they have yet to show that. Since they brought in Doublelift, their ceiling has risen, but there are still a lot of things TSM need to fix before we can start talking about their true potential.

Since both teams field some of the biggest talents in the NA scene, this match can easily turn out to be a close one, but in the end, it’s hard to imagine Cloud9 losing. TSM might force C9 to play at a high tempo and perhaps TSM could even grab an early lead, however, Cloud9’s late-game looks way too solid for us to think TSM can pull ahead and win.

  • Prediction: Cloud9 to win
  • Prediction: Over 22.5 kills

Golden Guardians vs Evil Geniuses – Saturday, July 11 – 14:00 PST

Evil Geniuses were widely regarded as the second-strongest team in the league, but based on their recent performances, they look more like a top-four team at best. The inconsistent performances that EG were struggling with last split seemingly came back, which is especially noticeable in the mid-jungle (Jiizuke and Svenskeren).

What’s more, their top laner Kumo started to struggle with his performances and it seems like he has returned to his old ways, which is concerning, to say the least. On a bright side, EG’s bottom lane looks solid, but again, there is a lot of room for improvement.

Golden Guardians, on the other side, have had an up and down season so far, but just like EG, they can either perform admirably well or fall flat, which makes predicting this game difficult. In a perfect world, Evil Geniuses should win this match without any issues, but after what they have shown last week, we have our doubts this game will be as straightforward as it perhaps should be.

Given that EG are a relatively passive team (9.1 average kills per game) and that Golden Guardians improved their poor deaths per game record in recent weeks, this match seems like one of those where we won’t be seeing a lot of kills across the board. The total kill line is set at 22.5, which is a bit high and it provides us with a great bet at solid odds.

  • Prediction: Under 22.5 kills

Team Liquid vs Counter Logic Gaming – Saturday, July 11 – 15:00 PST

The esports betting odds show Team Liquid as massive favourites, which seems fair, but we were not too impressed with Liquid’s performances last week. They barely defeated Immortals and quite frankly, they shouldn’t have defeated FlyQuest last Sunday but got lucky and claimed their second 2-0 week.

CLG, on the other side, ended last week 0-2, which does not look too promising on paper, but we have to consider they faced Team SoloMid and Cloud9. What’s more, CLG played well against TSM and would even go on to say CLG could have won that match had they not choked in the late game.

Even though the individual quality of Liquid is arguably higher than that of CLG, Liquid looked very shaky as of late, whereas CLG look to be on the rise and are well on their way to a top-six finish.

A lot will have to go right for CLG to win here, but this team has enough quality to make Liquid sweat and possibly edge out a win. A kill handicap bet on CLG can be considered, but we will go for a longshot bet on the underdogs for this one.

  • Prediction: Counter Logic Gaming to win

FlyQuest vs Dignitas – Saturday, July 11 – 16:00 PST

Last week, Dignitas lost to 100 Thieves and Cloud9, which was expected, but it’s worth noting that Dignitas put up a solid resistance against Cloud9. The match ended with C9 winning 21-10 and +15k gold lead, but the fact that Dignitas managed to claim 10 kills is somewhat impressive.

FlyQuest, on the other side, crushed Evil Genuises on Sunday, but choked and lost against Team Liquid, to end Week 3 with 1-1 record. This team looks fairly decent and should not have any difficulties punching their ticket for the playoffs, but at the same time, we are still waiting to see a bit more consistency from them.

If there is one thing we can take form FlyQuest’s games is that they are not afraid to engage in fights since they average 17.1 kills per game and on average give up 10.5 deaths. Dignitas, on the other side, average 13.3 deaths and 6.5 kills per game. Their average kill number, however, has risen across the last two weeks and now sits at 7.5.

In recent weeks, Dignitas started to approach their games with a lot more aggression, and it seems like they have started playing with the all-or-nothing mentality, which is understandable since they’re 0-8 so far this split and desperately need to start winning.

The aggressive playstyle of both teams suggests we are in for a bloody match with plenty of kills across the board and while FlyQuest are still the most likely winners, it makes way more sense to bet on Over 22.5 kills at the provided odds.

  • Prediction: Over 22.5 kills