Friday The 13th Odds are Released as Public Fears Mounds

Friday The 13th Odds are Released as Public Fears Mount

Friday The 13th Looms Large As Public Fears Mount Regarding The Unluckiest Day Of The Year

New York, NY – To have luck, or not to have luck – that seems to be the question for many as Friday the 13th is set to hit calendars at the end of the week. As speculation grows regarding the unluckiest day of the year, the public is scouring the internet looking for answers.Everything from losing your wedding ring, sitting on gum or breaking a mirror are all fair possibilities for people who tend to be more clumsy in nature. As the unluckiest day of the year looms closer and closer, it’s clear that many people are running multiple worst-case scenarios through their head.This being the case, the largest most accurate sportsbook on the web, MyBookie.AG posted odds on every possible scenario to give people insight as to what expect. Whether you get fired or unexpectedly win the lottery, the odds and lines expert at MyBookie.AG has all the information people need to capitalize on their bad luck. 

Oddsmakers at MyBookie.AG posted the following odds on Friday the 13th:

Odds you lose your wedding ring:
  • 3/1 (+300)
Odds a black cat crosses your path:
  • 3/2 (+150)
Odds you break a mirror:
  • 4/1 (+400)
Odds your S.O. cheats on you:
  • 2/1 (+200)
Odds you lose your wallet:
  • 4/1 (+400)
Odds you sit in gum:
  • 6/1 (+600)
Odds you get hit with bird droppings:
  • 10/1 (+1000)
Odds you get fired:
  • 10/11 (-110)
Odds you get a speeding ticket:
  • 1/1 (+100)
Odds you walk under a ladder:
  • 3/1 (+300)
Odds you get mugged:
  • 6/1 (+600)
Odds you lose your keys:
  • 1/1 (+100)
Odds you find a four leaf clover:
  • 2/1 (+200)
Odds your flight gets cancelled:
  • 1/2: (-200)
Odds you leave a restroom with toilet paper stuck to you:
  • 4/7 (-175)
Odds you find hair in your food:
  • 5/6 (-120)
Odds you hit jackpot in slots:
  • 100/1 (+10000)
Odds you win a scratch-off ticket:
  • 1/1 (+100)
Odds your waiter spills food/drink on you:
  • 3/2 (+150)
Odds a passing car slashed puddle in your face:
  • 4/1 (+400)
Odds you find money on the street:
  • 3/2 (+150)
“Friday the 13th sure seems to be giving people the willies this year,” stated head linesmaker for MyBookie.AG David Strauss. “In an attempt to set their mind at ease, we dove extra deep to come up with odds on everything from financial fortunes and black cats to four-leaf clovers and broken mirrors.”
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