Teaser Betting Strategy & Understanding Teaser Odds

Teaser Betting Strategy & Understanding Teaser Odds

A teaser bet is one of the most popular forms of sports wagering for most gamblers across the world. In case you are not familiar with it, worry not as we’ll be explaining this easy-to-understand and highly-profitable sports betting strategy in this article.

Teaser Betting Strategy & Understanding Teaser Odds

What is a Teaser Bet?

Simply explained, a teaser bet is a form of parlay bet that focuses on using modified point spreads for profitability in sporting events—such as the NFL and NBA—that allow for ATS betting. In the NBA betting lines, for example, you may find three bets as follows; Chicago Bulls -7.5, Detroit Pistons +1.5, and Los Angeles Lakers +5.5. Now, rather than wager on these three spreads in a parlay, you could make the three-team spreads into a six-point teaser as follows; Chicago Bulls -1.5, Detroit Pistons +7.5, and Los Angeles Lakers +11.5. To win this teaser bet, all the three teams will have to cover the spread, as is usually the case in regular parlay bets.

Understanding the Teaser Odds and the Teaser Betting Strategy

Usually, teaser odds tend to vary from one sportsbook to another. But as a general rule, you will want to find sportsbetting sites that have the best teaser odds for the lines you are interested in. In American Football, for example, you will need to get odds that range profitably such as -110 (or better) for a two-team six point football teaser, +180 (or better) for a three-team six-point teaser and +300 (or better) for a four-team six point teaser. Most major sportsbooks will often have teaser odds in more-or-less the same lines as exemplified above.

As a crucial note, some developing (read that small or less-than-reputable) sportsbooks offer larger odds and payouts for their teaser odds with the aim of attracting clients. In the event that you can find a proven sportsbook with good potential payouts, jump on it. You should, however, be wary of the fact that some sham sportsbooks offer bloated teaser odds mainly because they know that they will be scamming you of your money. Be warned and steer clear of such sites, or any site for that matter (big or small), if what they are selling doesn’t look right.

Another thing you must keep in mind about the teaser betting strategy is that a good number of teasers are sucker bets, mainly because they don’t offer that good a value for winning. That, however, doesn’t mean that teaser bets don’t work because they do, as can be attested to by millions of bettors who reap bountiful profits from this strategy.

When dealing with pushes in teaser bets, the rules tend to be the same at most sites. If one leg of a teaser pushes and all the remaining legs are wins, the final payout is usually a win (but at a reduced value) like in a parlay. On the flipside, if one leg in a teaser pushes and the rest result in losses, then the whole teaser bet is considered as a loss.

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Final Remarks on Teaser Betting Strategy

When betting on teaser odds, it is highly advisable for you to wait until 30 minutes before game starts to place your wagers. This is because most games, particularly in the NFL, NCAAF and NBA betting lines, are usually most representative of the professional gamblers’ opinion of the game’s true probability in this timeframe. And just like parlay bets, teaser bets tend to be streaky, so remember not to get carried away when you are enjoying a hot winning streak or jump into wrong decisions (like chasing your losses) when you are in a slump.