Are the Crimson Tide a safe bet to win the 2018 National Championship?

Optimal Strategy for Picking or Avoiding Large Betting Spreads

If you’re like most online sports betting enthusiasts, you probably cringe whenever you see one of those mismatches that offers you the chance to wager on or bet against an absolutely enormous point spread. No worries, I’ve got you covered as we examine the optimal strategy for picking – or avoiding – large betting spreads. With that said, let’s get started.

Here’s Our Optimal Strategy for Picking or Avoiding Large Betting Spreads


Trust me when I say I know from firsthand knowledge all about being an overconfident jackass of a bettor that thinks every pick you make is a sure-fire lock. Never, ever get overconfident on a high point spread. For example, some bettors will see a line that feature mighty Alabama minus something like 38 points against a tiny school like Georgia Southern and think, ‘Humph…the Tide are going to roll all over Charleston’ and back them to cover the high spread.

Well, first and foremost, bookies aren’t in business to lose money. And secondly, how about when Alabama routs Charleston Southern but wins by ‘only’ 35 points? Do your ATS ‘homework’ on both teams involved in any high point spread matchup before making an overconfident pick!


Are you ‘chasing’ an ATS win and being lured into what is known as a ‘trap’ bet? Often times, a bettor sees a line that oddsmakers have ‘dangled’ in front of them like an enticing carrot and make a wager that goes against their good betting sense. What looks at first glance, like a good wager, can often turn into a gut-wrenching loss that w ultimately find out what was a trap game affair. Make sure you’re looking for the best value on the board as opposed to chasing a line that maybe has a 50-50 chance of cashing in!

Emotional Betting

Never, ever, ever, under any circumstances whatsoever, make an ‘emotional’ bet! Often times this is as simple as betting on your favorite team, which, by the way, I highly recommend as part of my lifelong betting strategy. Often times, a bettor will make an emotional pick on one of their favorite teams or bet on a team that might have cost them recently, thinking that that specific team ‘owes’ them.

Well, I can tell you that making emotional bets is almost always a losing proposition that leaves bettors ticked off for making the wager in the first place.

Know Your Numbers

Did You Know that…in NFL football, the most common margins of victory are 3 and 7? After those two figures, the next most common margins of victory are 6, 10, and 4. However, these numbers only account for approximately 40 percent of al winning margins and oddsmakers are fully aware of this. Bookies know that 60 percent of all NFL games never fall on the aforementioned figures and you need to know it too!