Multi Bet Betting Strategy

Multi Bet Betting Strategy

The Multi bet wagering strategy is a fairly simple method of betting that entails staking on different events in one betting ticket. Multi bets, also known as multi, accumulator, multiple, parlay or all-up bets, allows punters to potentially generate massive profits using low stakes. Of course, this comes with a big risk as well, since all the events in your ticket have to be win results in order for you to get paid. In other words, one wrong result voids the entire ticket, so caution must be observed when using this highly profitable—but risky—online betting strategy.

A Closer Look At The Multi Bet Betting Strategy

Understanding the Multi Bet Wagering Strategy

As glimpsed in the intro, the multi bet systems simply involves using a single stake to bet on a number of different sporting events. Consider the following English Premier League games as an example:

1.60 Chelsea, 3.80 Draw, 2.01 Arsenal

1.33 Liverpool, 4.00 Draw, 13.00 Stoke City

1.55 Manchester City, 5.00 Draw, 1.99 Manchester United

1.77 Southampton, 3.75 Draw, 1.88 Tottenham

Now, assuming you were interested in betting on Chelsea to Win, Liverpool and Stoke City to Draw, Manchester United to Win and Tottenham to Win, all in one ticket of $100, you will need all the selections to go through for your ticket to cash in. In the instance of a win, your profits would be as follows: Chelsea ($60), Liverpool and Stoke City Draw ($400), Manchester United ($90), and Tottenham ($88) plus the $100 stake. However, if let’s say Tottenham doesn’t win, then you’d make nothing from the ticket.

As is exemplified above, the $100 multi bet could easily make you plenty of profits in a winning bet, as opposed to placing individual bets on Chelsea, Manchester United and so on. But as is also mentioned in the example, the risk is also high, no wonder extreme caution s advised. Generally, the risk (also referred to as the bookmakers’ margin) increases with every additional selection you add to a multi bet. But similarly, your profits also increase with each addition. Furthermore, most sportsbooks have accumulator bonuses when you select many events (mostly 5 and above).

Final Remarks on Multi Bet

With the multi bet strategy, it is highly advisable to only bet on events that you are familiar with, as this increases your chances of winning and avoiding unnecessary losses. Of course, the risk of losing the bet increases with each added leg, but the odds get higher and higher so the profits equally increase. So if you are all about great risks and great rewards, then multi bet is certainly something you should try. Not to forget, since you stakes are low, multi bet allows you to protect your bankroll, giving you countless opportunities to break even in future after a current loss.