Optimal Strategy for Betting Road Favorites

Optimal Strategy for Betting Road Favorites

As college football betting lines enthusiasts everywhere likely know…there are favorites and then there are favorites!

Some favorites are such easy picks that you wonder how the oddsmakers ever offered up such a valuable line while others appear to be virtual lock selections that end up leaving you crumpled on the floor in the fetal position after a crushing loss.

Optimal Strategy for Betting Road Favorites


While home favorites are always an attractive bet, depending on the margin of the spread, what about betting on road favorites? Wagering on teams that are favored to win on the rod can often be a tricky proposition for football bettors that don’t have a plan for success.

Thanks to the expert optimal strategy for betting on road favorites that you’re about to get, you’ll always have a valuable resource that you can turn to when making any future wagers on road favorites.

By The Numbers

Here are some useful statistics that you can use when betting on road favorites in 2016 and beyond. While favorites won 80 percent of the time, did you know that road favorites won a blistering 77.4 percent of their games in 2015? When it comes to covering the spread, road favorites also were largely profitable, cashing in a solid 57.0 percent of the time or more than four percent of overall favorites (53.0%).

‘Real’ Road Warriors or Not?

Is the team you’re betting on a ‘real’ road warrior or not? This means generally compiling winning road records on an annual basis as opposed to a ‘fluke’ season where your particular team is simply hot on the road. Make sure you analyze your road favorite’s recent road records, both straight-up and against-the-spread.

Big Coaching Edge – or Not?

Does the rod team you’re planning on betting on have an outstanding head coach that will help his team overcome the pressures of playing in a hostile environment or will he mismanage both, his players and the clock? Know your coaching…in football it really matters!

No School Like the Old School

Does the road favorite you’re planning on betting on play excellent defense or are they a high-scoring team that is apt to give up as many points as they score en route to a likely ATS loss. A team that plays good defense on the road always has a great chance to cover the betting spread. Remember…defense wins championships people.