Optimal Strategy For Super-Heated Rivalry Game Betting

When it comes to wagering on sports, there is nothing more exhilarating and equally risky than betting on heated rivalry games. From unmatched intensity to riveted emotions, these games can be very confusing to bet on. Here are a few online sportsbetting tips that can be used by handicappers when betting on rivalry games.

Analyzing The Optimal Strategy For Super-Heated Rivalry Game Betting


Betting on Home Underdogs

Playing at home is always a motivation for the players to perform well, whether or not they come into the game on a good form. This is based on the fact that rivalries tend to psyche up the players and push them to give their best, not just for the sake of winning but for their fans and bragging rights. In most heated rivalries, home underdogs feed on homefield advantage to upset their opponents in outright fashion, or at least manage to beat the number in the ATS lines. In major sports, a home underdog can be a good bet, especially in big games involving a major player retiring. A good example is the Los Angeles Lakers’ win as home underdogs over Utah in Kobe Bryant’s final game or even the win by Peyton Manning and the Broncos as home underdogs over Tom Brady and the Patriots in the last edition of the Manning vs. Brady NFL rivalry before Manning retired after winning Super Bowl 50. In college games, senior nights in the NCAAF and NCAAB offer the best time to cash in on the home puppies.

Betting Against Overrated Favorites

Team that have huge followings usually attract plenty of attention in the sportsbetting lines and, resultantly, some Oddsmakers often juice up their odds. At times, such teams will manage to win the game and cover the spread as big favorite. In most instances, however, you will find the overrated favorites failing to beat the number or losing straight up in sports like the NBA, NFL, MLB, NFL, NCAAF and NCAAB. A perfect time to bet against such teams is at the start of the season when the preseason hype is still very high and Oddsmakers adjust the lines to capitalize on public perception. When teams have qualified for the postseason games or all out of contention for the postseason games, we tend to see very little motivation from them to play well as there is little at stake in such game, putting them in a good bet-against position.

Handicapping, Coaching and Team Potential

Even with the increased intensity in big rivalry games, the reality is that a rivalry game is just another football game, meaning the team that is better-coached or is better-skilled will win the game more often than not. Luck has its part, but a team must be able to play well in order to capitalize on its chances and maximize on luck to win games.

Final Remarks

In conclusion, it is important to note that betting trends tend to be sharper in college games than in the pro sports, no wonder teams in college can go on ridiculously long winning and losing streaks than in the professional side of things. This is based on the fact that the margin for error is often very small in the pros. While considering the rivalry tips detailed above, you must ensure that you also take into account this aspect of sharp trends in college games than in the pros. And, above everything, always remember that activities like recruitments, drafts and trades can have a huge impact on teams just in the same way injuries and suspension have an effect on performances, so due consideration must be given to such factors when handicapping super-heated rivalry games.