Optimal Strategy For Betting Longshots

Optimal Strategy For Betting Longshots

Everyone that regularly plays in the sportsbooks is always looking for that underdog with the potential for a big pay a.k.a. the longshot. Unfortunately, finding these longshots is never easy and a lot of money can be wasted in the process of trying to find them. Worry not, though, as the online betting tips below will help you to score on some big underdogs.

Optimal Strategy For Betting Longshots



Obviously, any form of betting requires adequate research, but in longshots, bettors have to go a step further. Favorites pretty much need you to check their form and rosters for you to be convinced about their worth in the sportsbetting lines. For longshots, the handicapper will need to combine a wider range of factors, including weather, form and rosters. And even after that, a dose of intuition and a bit of luck will still be required for you to hit the jackpot on a longshot.

Bankroll Strategy

If you are just getting started in betting on longshots, it is recommended that you begin by testing the waters with a few dollars. Betting a huge chunk of money can easily eat up into your bankroll real fast, especially when you are on a losing streak. To avoid that, practice the art of progressive betting where you only increase the bets after establishing a working system of successful longshot betting. Alternatively, stick to the common strategy of betting with what you can afford to lose.

Streaky Teams in Longshot Betting

One of the most tried and tested strategies of longshot betting is finding streaky underdogs and trying to ride on their luck. Winning streaks do come to an end eventually, but as long as a longshot is enjoying a red hot form, you might as well jump on the streak and cash on it until it runs out.

Roster and Front Office Changes

The addition of a new player or the hiring of a new coach can do wonders for a team’s morale and momentum. In baseball, for example, a trading for a good starting pitcher means better play on the mound, which can transform a team in a major way. Similarly, hiring a new defensive coordinator or a new head coach brings a new sense of leadership and possibly a new style of play that can change a team’s winning fortune. If you can find a longshot with such credentials, you could be on for a big payout.

Other Final Tips

Besides the above-mentioned strategies, you can be on the lookout for other successful and proven handicapping angles theories and angles to improve your odds of success. From trying with big home underdogs in American Football to banking on a great rider in horse racing, the strategies are endless. All you have to do is to open your mind for such options and exercise professional caution—such as cutting your losses and ditching a method when it isn’t work—and then hope that intuition and luck takes care of everything else.