Learn All About Reversal Trading Spread Strategies

Learn All About Reversal Trading Spread Strategies

In today’s technology-advanced times, there are literally more ways for football online betting buffs across the globe to cash in early and often.

You see, in addition to the traditional straight-up (SU), against-the-spread (ATS) and Over/Under (O/U) wagers that have always existed, you can now strike pay dirt by numerous methods like reversal trading.

Learn All About Reversal Trading Spread Strategies


So what exactly is reversal trading? Let me explain.

With a reversal based betting strategy, a bettor or ‘trader’ is on the lookout for trends signifying consistent losers-to-be. The crucial aspect of reversal trading is to identify declining teams and trends that are primed to reverse and enter the market on make a wager or series of wagers at that point.

Reversal trading is basically the polar-opposite of a trend based strategy where a bettor identifies a trend and then rides that trends until it starts to reverse and they jump off the gravy train.

Now, the reversal line movement betting strategy is similar in the sense that is searches for betting line movements that contradict the public betting trends.

For instance, let’s say the Temple Owls are favored at home over Central Florida by 14 points. Now, let’s say a huge percentage of the wagers are placed on Temple to cover the spread, the line moves against temple and now they are -13 or 12.5. This indicates that a large amount of ‘smart money’ has been placed on the Owls. You would then search for a sportsbook offering the Owls at -14 and make your wager.