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Understanding The Reverse Line Movement As A Betting Strategy

Described as “the most innovative and groundbreaking” betting strategy by some pundits and hog-washed as an “illusion” meant to mislead punters by others, the subject of Reverse Line Movement has been as popular as much as it has been divisive in the arena of online sports betting. So what really is the truth behind reverse line movement and how can we use it to our sportsbetting advantage? Read on as we seek to make sense of it all in the section below.

In Depth Analysis And Understanding The Reverse Line Movement As A Betting Strategy


What is Reverse Line Movement?

Simply put, reverse line movement refers to instances when the movement in the betting lines seems to contradict the public betting percentages. For example, if only 15 percent of bettors are banking on the Cleveland Cavaliers at +6 in a game against the Golden State Warriors in the NBA lines, but the line moves to +5; it most likely signals that the smart money (large wagers made by ‘smart bettors”) is on the Cavaliers. As such, the reverse line movement betting strategy would recommend that you find a line that still offers the Cavs on +6 or better and pounce on it before the rest of the market adjusts down its prices.

Finding Reverse Line Movements

Finding about such line movements can be a painstaking task, sometimes necessitating the monitoring of line movements from sportsbooks along with their percentages for lengthy durations. To avoid that hassle, certain sites have special software and algorithms designed to monitor the market on your behalf and send reverse line movement signals or alerts whenever instances of reverse line movements are detected in the market.

Caution when Using the Reverse Line Movement as a Betting Strategy

Convenient as these alerts can be, it is important to remember that line movements can happen for many reasons, including injuries, suspensions and weather, all of which are things that can change so very often. In addition, Vegas sportsbooks are in the business of making and are well-aware of these discussions about reverse line movements, so they won’t just move the lines that easy when they know that you’ll be paying attention and getting one over them. In fact, sometimes the line movements and percentages are ‘doctored’ to sway bettors into some kind of action. Due diligence—via research—and professional caution is thus highly advised when applying the reverse line movement betting strategy in your wagering endeavors. Plus, when I last checked, even the smarts do not win every damn time; reverse line movements may just be that—reverse line movements, and nothing more!