Optimal Strategy to Bet Teams on a Winning Streak

Optimal Strategy To Bet Teams On A Winning Streak

Some teams, no matter the sport they play, tend to win games and do so consistently, creating some of the most incredible winning streaks in the history of sports betting. Is it a matter of talent, coaching, team spirit and mentality, or even luck? Or better yet, is there a formula that can be followed to have similar winning streaks? For sports bettors, it doesn’t really matter the reason behind a winning streak; what matters most is being able to spot a given winning run and riding on that streak until you figure out that the good run is about to come to an end. In this article, we will be discussing some of the best ways to handicap and bet teams that are on a winning streak.

Optimal Strategy To Bet Teams On A Winning Streak


Understanding the Basis of Teams on Winning Streaks

In most sports, the adage about “There’s no I in team” is a lesson that is repeatedly pummeled to players in the bid to encourage team work and team-oriented excellence rather than individual glory. On one hand, it is true that being a solid team is way better than just having a go-to superstar, as it allows you to have the balance that is able to lead you to a win on any given night, whether or not the star player shines in that game. On the other hand, it’s hard to see a team succeeding repeatedly without having a star that can rise above the rest.

The NBA, for example, has seen various teams create some of the most magical winning streaks in sports betting, largely because of the exemplary performances of players like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Stephen Curry. In fact, there is abounding statistics to prove that a team without an All-star in its roster has virtually no chance at creating solid winning runs, leave alone winning champions.

That being said, we must underline the fact that, although having a super star or super stars in a team is a key recipe for sustained success, these stars can’t do it all alone—they must get support from the rest of the field. In the NBA, for instance, the teammates play important roles such as grabbing crucial rebounds, passing the ball, blocking shots, and defending during crunch time, which all contributes towards winning.

When handicapping a team on winning streak, it is therefore important to recognize the value that comes with having a super star just as much as it is important to have a balanced team with a solid supporting cast that can step up to the occasion when the usual stars don’t shine in order to sustain winning streaks. If, for example, a team is overly reliant on a star and that key player is suspended or injured, then it may be a signal for you to keep away from that team because its winning run may be ending soon.

Identifying Winning Streaks

No doubt, it can be tough to call when a team is about to go on a winning streak. I mean, how do you tell if a team is coming together for an extended run of wins? There’s no exact science to all these, I agree. However, you can use research and history to identify instances that winning runs are about to occur or end. For example, if a team is about to have an easy run of games, then it could be an opportunity for the strong team to go on a winning run, as opposed to when that team is facing a tough stretch of games.

Another way you can identify streaks is by reacting to an already-started winning run. Here, emphasis is laid on simply recognizing that a winning streak is in play and jumping on it without having to do research and all.

The other way to identify winning streak is by being on the lookout for home and away records. Certain teams, like the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA or the Indiana Hoosiers and the Kansas Jayhawks in the NCAAF, have very solid records when playing at home, often compiling winning streaks of 40-plus games without losing at home. A select others tend to up the ante when playing on the road, which surprisingly leads to good winning streaks on the road, especially when it comes to betting systems such as covering the spread (ATS betting). Analyzing, researching and recognizing such streaks can be very crucial for profitability in your sportsbetting endeavors that are dependent on winning streaks.

Final Remarks

It is extremely important to remember that winning streaks, however good they are, will always come to an end eventually. So, rather than blindly riding on a winning streak, ensure that you keep an eye out for telltale signs that may signal the end of particular streaks, as has been explained above. By doing so, you will not only be able to enjoy the profits that come with good winning runs, but you will also be able to avoid a stretch of losses when things start to go south.