FEB 24 - Sports Betting Strategy Research Routine

Sports Betting Strategy Research Routine

Who better to write an article about sports betting research than a gut that absolutely lives for research?

While I certainly never enjoyed doing any of the massive research work when I was a young student, today, I live for and love the benefits that ‘doing your homework’ as I like to call it, can bring you as a online sportsbetting enthusiast.

Now, I’m going to share some of my research ‘secrets’ with you.

Sports Betting Strategy Research Routine


The first thing you need to know is that the most import thing about sports betting research is that you do some. No matter how experienced or ‘sharp’ you may be, making sports betting wagers without doing any research whatsoever is simply foolish. If you want to really maximize your chances of winning, then ‘doing your homework’ is an absolute must.

The next thing you need to know is that the research you carry out will differ slightly depending on the sport you’re wagering on, even though many of the website you use in your research may remain the same.

Home and Away

No matter what sport you’re betting on, you need to check the respective home and away records of each tem and more importantly, their recent play. In today’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde times where many teams often look like world-beaters at home and 98-pound weaklings on the road, knowing each team’s home and away tendencies could be the difference between a winning and losing wager.

In addition to each team’s home and away tendencies, you also need to know certain player’s home and away tendencies as well. In football, it’s the quarterback, but if you’re betting on baseball, it would be the starting pitchers.

Versus the Opponent

Do the Cleveland Cavaliers absolutely own the Milwaukee Bucks or have the young pups consistently covered the spread while giving their older and superior rivals a tough way to go?

Does St. Louis Cardinals hurler Michael Wacha go all bonkers against the Philadelphia Phillies but owns the Atlanta Braves? Make sure you know hw your teams and its key players perform against the opponent you’re either betting on or against.

Doctors, Doctor!

Do you know who’s healthy and who’s hurt? Well, you had better before you place a bet. Just think how bad I would suck if you placed a wager on the Los Angeles Angels to beat the Detroit Tigers no knowing that superstar outfielder Mike Trout is out of the lineup for the Halos.

Research What You Know Best

While there are always a few exceptions, most bettors bet on the sports they know the most about. Just think about it. A lifelong NFL and college football bettor that rarely watches any basketball and barely knows the difference between LeBron James and Steph Curry probably shouldn’t go around making all kinds of NBA bets, lest he wager on the Los Angeles Lakers instead of the Clippers.

The bottom line is that you stand a better chance of winning the more you understand what you’re betting on. Well, if this is the case, then sports bettors should research the sport they know best and not try to delve into a sport they don’t in order to try and make a quick buck. Well, when it comes to betting on sports, the information and knowledge you have the better off you’ll be. Research the sports you know best first and foremost.

Here are some of the most trusted research web sites I know.

Covers.com – This is generally the No. 1 site I use for sports betting research information.
Sportsbetting.com – They’ve got an incredible data base that makes the site a must for almost all sports betting research.
Vegasinsider.com – If you don’t know much about history, Vegasinsider’s historical databases is absolutely phenomenal and a must for virtually all of my sports betting research.