NFL Betting Early Season Prediction Breakdown

Early NFL Betting Prediction Breakdown

Written by on June 27, 2016

Okay NFL betting buffs, with the start of the 2016 NFL regular season getting closer by the day, the early pro football betting takes center stage thanks to the handful of early online NFL predictions you’re about to get. Let’s get started with my prediction on the teams that look like they’re on the rise.

 A Look at our Early NFL Betting Predictions


Cleveland: The addition of Hue Jackson is a definite plus for a Browns organization that has been floundering almost since I went to school with Abe Lincoln. San Francisco Things can’t get any worse in Frisco than they did a year ago and the hiring of Chip Kelly means the Niners will at least score a ton of points in 2016. Detroit I love the way the explosive Lions finished the 2015 regular season by winning six of their final eight games to keep head coach Jim Caldwell running the show in the Motor City. Dallas Tony Romo is back and healthy (for how long) and the Boys have a gifted running back in Ezekiel Elliott that looks like a game-changer to me. Oakland: If you didn’t know the Raiders were on the rise, shame on you! Baltimore A return to full health from quarterback Joe Flacco means the Ravens can’t be as bad as they were in winning five games a year ago…can they?


Denver Peyton Manning and Brock Osweiler are being replaced by veteran Mark Sanchez, at least until rookie Paxton Lynch is ready. Washington The Skins look like a prime candidate to come back to earth in 2016 after overachieving last season just to reach nine victories and a winning record. I’m thinking 7-9 or 8-8 SU sounds about right for the Skins in 2016. NY Jets I love head coach Todd Bowles, but the Jets are tied for the seventh toughest schedule in the NFL in 2016. After winning 10 games in his first season in the Big Apple, I think the Jets are looking at going .500 in 2016. Arizona I’m expecting Arizona to take a slight step backwards from their 13 wins in 2015 to maybe 11 wins this coming season, so really, don’t expect a big fall from a Cardinals team I expect to contend for a berth in Super Bowl 51.

ATS Surprise Team

Cleveland Browns I know the Browns went 5-10-1 ATS in 2015, but they’re my pick to surprise against the spread in 2016 thanks to the addition of head coach Hue Jackson and quarterback Robert Griffin III.

Make or Break

Ryan Tannehill Now heading into his fifth season, Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill is likely getting his last chance to prove he’s a franchise quarterback under new head coach Adam Gase. Tannehill is 29-35 as a starter and is facing a make or break season in 2016. Robert Griffin III Griffin III is also entering a make or break kind of season in 2016, though it shouldn’t be in my estimation. The aptly-named RG3 is just 3-15 in 18 career starts following his impressive 9-6 rookie season.

Division Winners

New England The Pats won’t have any challengers in the AFC East – again! Cincinnati It’s going to be close, but the Bengals are my pick to narrowly beat out Pittsburgh for the AFC North crown. Indianapolis The return of Andrew Luck means a return to the top of the AFC South…unless J.J. Watt has anything to say about it! Kansas City No Peyton Manning means no AFC West title for he Broncos in 2016. Alex Smith and Andy Reid get it done in K.C. this coming season, at least when it comes to winning their division. Dallas The return of Tony Romo and drafting of ‘super gifted’ rookie running back Ezekiel Elliott means the ‘Boys will get back to the top of the NFC Least in 2016. Green Bay Minnesota will have a lot to say about it, but the Packers are my pick to get their division title back in 2016 as the return of Jordy Nelson gives Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay offense they balance they so sorely lacked a year ago. Carolina Really? This pick is a no-brainer. The Saints, Falcons and Buccaneers aren’t even in the same class as the Panthers nowadays. Seattle I like Seattle to beat out Arizona to regain their NFC West division title in 2016 as Russell Wilson plays a more prominent role than ever!

Super Bowl Participants

Seattle vs. Cincinnati

Go ahead and ‘hate’ on my Bengals pick. Cincinnati was in great shape to make an extended playoff run a year ago – right up until quarterback Andy Dalton got injured right before the end of the regular season. Hell, if the Cavaliers can win an NBA title after decades of complete futility, why not the Bengals in the NFL? Russell Wilson and company get a bit of heir ‘mojo’ back and the Seahawks’ stable of young running backs makes everyone forget all about Marshawn Lynch.