AL Divisional Winners Predictions & Odds April 6th 2020 Edition

AL Divisional Winners Predictions & Odds April 6th 2020 Edition

Written by on April 6, 2020

While it’s not quite time to get too carried away just yet, we are beginning to her the first rumblings of potential plans to finish out or start seasons in the professional sports leagues that have been suspended since mid-March. None of the ideas being floated are in any way concrete, but it’s still exciting to see that we might now be heading towards some sort of timeline for a return. It seems the perfect time to start looking ahead, which is why we are going to take a look at the MLB AL Divisional Winners Odds to see which teams are favored to win their respective divisions.

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AL East

When you suggest that the AL East might be a 2-horse race, your initial thought would be that the Yankees and the Red Sox would be the two teams battling it out. There has been a bit of a shift there, though, as Boston have lost ground a little, with the Tampa Bay Rays sliding into their spot as the main challenger to the New York Yankees. It is the Yankees who are in as the overwhelming favorite to win the division again this year, with the bookies having them in at -400 Odds to win the division. The Rays are the next on the board at +300, while the Red Sox are +1000. The Yankees look like a certainty to win the division, but Tampa might be a good bet to land a Wild Card spot.

AL Central

Up until last season, the Cleveland Indians had made a habit of winning the Central Division with very little in the way of real opposition. They were unable to maintain that domination in 2019, though, as the Minnesota Twins came out of nowhere to steal the division crown. We should be looking at another battle between the Twins and the Indians this season, while there are many who also believe that the Chicago White Sox might also be ready to throw their hat into the ring. It is the Twins who are in as the early favorites to win the AL Central, sitting at -165. The feeling seems to be that the Indians and the White Sox will be battling it out for second, with both teams in at +275 right now. This could be a fun division to watch this season.

AL West

Given what they have achieved over the past couple of years, you wouldn’t think that the Houston Astros would have anything to prove coming into the new season. The reality, though, is that after the sign stealing scandal revealed in the offseason, they are going to be under an incredible level of scrutiny. Can they win without resorting to nefarious tactics? They would certainly appear to be good enough to do so, and the bookies would seem to agree, putting the Astros in as the favorite at -200. The Oakland Athletics look to be the main challenger and will start the season at odds of +250, but I would keep an eye on the LA Angels. In Joe Maddon, they have a manager that knows how to win, plus they have the best player in the game in Mike Trout. The Angels are in at +550.