MLB Betting Odds Find Teams to Avoid or Wager Against

MLB Betting Odds Find Teams to Avoid or Wager Against

Written by on June 6, 2016

While online MLB betting fans across the globe love cashing in on consistent winners, the fact of the matter is that there are an equal amount of underachieving or flat-out incompetent teams that are just as certain to lose almost every time they take the field. With that thought in mind, I’m going to highlight a trio of MLB franchises that baseball bettors everywhere should either avoid betting on – or better – bet the house against.

MLB Betting Odds Find Teams to Avoid or Wager Against

Worst money-line teams two months into season

Cincinnati Reds -$ 1,090

Where the hell are Pete Rose, Johnny Bench and the rest of the old Cincinnati Reds’ ‘Big Red Machine’ members when you really need them? All jokes aside, I suspect many of the old-time Reds could still play better than today’s counterparts.Cincy (21-36) has gone 9-18 at home and 7-22 on the road, although you should know they’ve compiled a surprising 12-7 mark against the moneyline during the day, but a woeful 9-29 mark at night! The Reds are ranked a dismal 30th in team ERA (5.63), WHIP (1.56) and errors (44) while also ranking a discouraging 29th in strikeouts (395) and 27th in quality starts (21).

Atlanta Braves -$1,719

The Atlanta Braves (16-40) are a complete mess no matter where they play. The once perennially dominant NL East franchise is just 6-23 at home this season and 10-17 on the road. More importantly, the Braves are ranked an identical 30th in scoring (3.11 rpg), team batting average (.227) OPS and home runs (23). Defensively, the Braves have been slightly better, but not much, making them a team o avoid betting on – or a great pick to wager against almost every single time whether it’s a day game (5-12) or night matchup (11-28).

Minnesota Twins -$2,096

It’s a damn shame, but I suspect that many of the older or late Twins stars of the past are either barfing at the site of the current franchise or rolling over in their graves. Really, Minnesota (16-40) is a complete disgrace that has gone 9-18 at home and 7-22 on the road while ranking 28th in scoring (3.73 rpg) and an identical 28th in team ERA (5.04) and quality starts (21). Minnesota is 8-17 against the moneyline during day games and 8-23 at night and have lost three straight and six of seven at the time of this writing.