2017 MLB Season NL East Betting Predictions and Free Picks

2017 MLB Season NL East Betting Predictions and Free Picks

Written by on June 29, 2017

It would perhaps not be the smartest decision in the world to declare that a division title has been won when we haven’t even finished the first half of the MLB season yet, but I am close to making that call in the NL East. As the midway point of the season approaches, we decided that we should perhaps look ahead at how things might play out in each division the rest of the way. While there are definitely some tight races going on in other divisions, it is very much a one team show in the NL East. The Washington Nationals are the cream of the crop there, and it’s easy to see why they are the overwhelming favorites to hoist the division crown at the end of the season. Let’s take a closer look at all 5 teams to figure out if anyone has what it takes to make a run at the top as well as the latest MLB betting picks.

2017 MLB Season NL East Betting Predictions and Free Picks


Washington Nationals (47-31)

The 9.5-game lead that the Washington Nationals have at the top of the division has been that way for quite some time now, as no-one has really put together the sort of run that would close that gap. The danger here is that the lack of a genuine foe has made the Nationals a little lazy, as they have been playing .500 ball for a few weeks now. Had they kept their foot on the gas, they could have opened up a lead that would absolutely have been impossible to catch, although it’s fair to suggest that they may already have done that. They are the only team in this division with a positive run differential, and have a 22-15 record against their division opponents.

Atlanta Braves (37-40)

Their new stadium may be complete, but this is a team that is still in the building phase. The Braves have put together a squad that is a mixture of seasoned veterans and wet behind the ears young guys. As you might expect from such a line-up, he results are inconsistent at best. The Braves are in the middle of the pack offensively, but have been getting some solid effort from Freddie Freeman and Mike Kemp. Where they have struggled is with their pitching, which is hard to swallow for Atlanta fans who are used to seeing their team excel there. A Wild Card would be a longshot, and the best possible result would be to finish where they are right now. The Miami Marlins have almost all of their major offensive and defensive stats sitting right in the middle of the pack.

Miami Marlins (35-41)

The Marlins are the epitome of mediocrity, as almost all of their major offensive and defensive stats are sitting right in the middle of the pack. One stat that suggests that they could be better on the offensive side of the ball is that they are in the top 10 in team batting average, but their inability to drive runs home is what is killing them. It has been the Marcell Ozuna show in Miami this MLB season, as he leads the team in batting average, HR’s, and RBI. A few more players like him and this team might be a contender, although they also need some serious help with their pitching.

NY Mets (35-42)

There are a few teams more disappointing this season than the New York Mets, and the feeling in the Big Apple is that this team is about to be blown up when the trade deadline rolls around. This is a squad that is too talented to be struggling this badly, but there appears to be some clubhouse issues that need to be addressed. Cleaning out some of the problem players may help this team turn things around in the second half, but you have to wonder if the hole that they have dig for themselves is just a little too deep.

Philadelphia Phillies (26-51)

This is a team that is so bad that they are barely worth even discussing if we are talking betting predictions. If you have to place just one wager on this team, go with the likelihood of them ending the MLB season with the worst record in baseball. They have a 4 game lead in that department, and are the only team in baseball not to have cracked the 30-win mark at this stage of the season. Destined to be last in the NL East, and last in the MLB.