MLB Best Bets of the Week 2016

MLB Best Bets of the Week

Written by on May 2, 2016

It’s the start of a new week in Major League Baseball. There are several really good series going on this week, and of course there are some games in baseball that are the best bets of the week. There bets are too good to pass up. Sure, things could change, but there are some great early looks. Let’s look at Major League Baseball’s best bets of the week:

MLB Best Bets of the Week


On Monday, the St. Louis Cardinals are going to finish their slump and pick up a win. The Cardinals were swept at home by the Nationals, but Monday, Adam Wainwright is pitching against Jeremy Hellickson. Look for the Cardinals to win this game. One of the best bets of the week is the St. Louis Cardinals -175 over the Philadelphia Phillies.

Another game on Monday is the Pittsburgh Pirates. The second place team at home against the first place team; we like the Pirates to beat the Chicago Cubs. The Pirates and Cubs are pretty close when it comes to betting terms, but Gerrit Cole is bound to have another great start. Jason Hammel is due to give up some runs; this time on the road. Bet the Pittsburgh Pirates -105 over the Chicago Cubs.

On Tuesday, Justin Verlander and the Detroit Tigers will find a way to beat the Cleveland Indians on the road. Verlander is 2-2, with a high ERA, but looking to knock off Josh Tomlin for the first time all season. Both these teams have struggled at times, but Verlander is going to go 7 strong and win this game. Bet the underdog Detroit Tigers +133 over the Cleveland Indians.

When talking about best bets of the week; Thursday has a great one. Jacob DeGrom and the New York Mets against the San Diego Padres. Sure, this game is in San Diego, but the Mets are going to grab an easy win in this game. Bet the New York Mets -159 over the San Diego Padres on Thursday as one of the best bets in Major League Baseball.

Friday – a great bet is the Arizona Diamondbacks over the Atlanta Braves. This game is in Atlanta, but it features Zack Greinke against Aaron Blair. Greinke has struggled some this season, and Blair is coming off a strong outing against the Cubs. Greinke is the better pitcher here, and will grab the win. One of the best bets for the week is the Arizona Diamondbacks -133 over the Atlanta Braves.

Johnny Cueto at home against the Colorado Rockies? Where do we sign up? Cueto is 4-1 on the season with a 2.65 earned run average. He is facing Jon Gray. The Giants will get to Gray, and Cueto will pick up his fifth win. The Giants -155 over the Colorado Rockies on Saturday is another best bet of the week.

Sunday – Clayton Kershaw is projected to pitch against the Toronto Blue Jays. While Toronto can really hit, Kershaw is tremendous. This game is in Toronto, but will it matter? One of the best bets in Major League Baseball for this week is the Los Angeles Dodgers on Sunday with Clayton Kershaw. Take the Los Angeles Dodgers -148 over the Toronto Blue Jays.

There is a look at the best bets for Major League Baseball for the week of May 2nd.