MLB Betting Strategies and Tips for the 2022 Preseason: 3 Things Worth Considering

MLB Betting Strategies and Tips for the 2022 Preseason: 3 Things Worth Considering

As we’re entering the final week of February, baseball fans are normally starting to get anxious for the baseball season. Pitchers and catchers are scheduled to report, Spring Training is ready to start, and baseball season should be just a few weeks away.

Unfortunately, that isn’t the case this season, as Major League Baseball and the team owners have “locked the players out.” Both sides are in negotiations now, but there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight. 

While we wait for the start of baseball season (if we’re even going to have one), the gambling public can still make some baseball futures bets. Here are some MLB Betting strategies and tips to use while making your baseball bets. Hopefully, we get the opportunity to place some wagers on “America’s Pastime” this season.

Preseason MLB Betting: Strategies, Tips and More

Check on the Weather

Early in the season, the weather can play a big factor in the outcome of games. In many areas, it’s still very cold, and hitters tend to struggle in the cold weather.

We’re not saying that pitchers don’t struggle in the cold, but the hitters tend to be a little behind the pitchers early in the season. If you’re betting on run totals, if the weather is cold, you may want to go with the under more often than not. 

Once the weather gets warmer, we also see the bats heating up. Hitters get better as time goes on, and when it warms up, it gives them a much better hitting environment. 

Starting Pitching

If an ace is going, that’s a good indication that that team will probably win. Other than that, it’s probably a crap shoot. We like to do some research on the starting pitchers. Don’t just look at wins and ERA; look at more advanced data.

Use the Sagarin data, which gives you more information on that day’s starter. Jeff Sagarin’s research gives you the most realistic prediction on how that pitcher will do that day.

Also, look at a pitcher’s WHIP (walks plus hits a pitcher gives up per inning). The lower the number, the better. If a pitcher has a high WHIP, that means he’s allowing a lot of baserunners, and that is never a good thing.

Another thing to look at is how that pitcher has done against that team in previous outings. We also like to look at home/road splits and how they’ve pitched in their last few starts.

The Bullpen

Now that starting pitchers are limited to a certain number of pitches, for the most part, having a good bullpen is an integral part to winning. If a team has a good bullpen, along with a very good closer, we’re much more apt to place a wager on that team.

It’s also good to check the bullpen usage rate, especially late in the season. This helps to give you information on how much a pitcher has been used and whether or not that is playing a part on how effective/ineffective a pitcher is.


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