Top MLB Betting Props for the All-Star Game

Top MLB Betting Props for the All-Star Game

Written by on July 11, 2016

The MLB All-Star Game is one that provides a variety of different online betting options, not all of which are dependent upon the final score. Yes, you can go ahead and try to picks the winner and the OVER/UNDER, but it’s the prop bets that are often the most fun. From betting on the home run derby to the MVP winner is where the action is at, and you might even want to look at things like head to head duels between pitchers and hitters, and even the total number of hits in the game. Let’s take a look at some of the more fun prop bets that will be available for the MLB All-Star Game.

A Closer Look At The Top MLB Betting Props for the All-Star Game


The Home Run Derby Contest

This is the event that usually draws the most attention, as we all love the long ball. Giancarlo Stanton of the Marlins is in as the favorite for the derby, but there are 7 other players who will be staking their claim to become the king of the long ball for 2016. Todd Frazier has been the winner or the runner-up in the past two seasons, and he is another solid pick. The one that jumps off the page for me, though, is Mike Trumbo of the Orioles. He is leading the league in HR’s this season with 28, and he is the one who I think will walk away with the crown.

MLB All-Star Game MVP

In the history of the MLB All-Star Game, which dates back to 1933, there has never been a 3-time winner of the MVP Award. A few guys have done it twice, and that includes Mike Trout of the Angels, who has won the last two times. The chances of him doing it three times in a row seem pretty slim given that history, which means taking a look elsewhere. This is not an award that generally goes to pitchers, so let’s rile all of them out. For me, I like the looks of Kris Bryant here. The Cubs may be struggling at the moment, but Bryant is still continuing to tear it up. I like this young man to be named MVP of the big game.

Total Runs in the MLB All-Star Game

Think of the MLB All-Star game as the unstoppable force versus the immovable object, as you have the best hitters in the game going head to head with the guys who are best at shutting them down. The total for this game is set at 7.5 runs, so let’s take a little look back to see what has gone down in recent years. If you look at the last 10 years, you will see that there have only been 4 occasions where that mark has been surpassed, and a couple of those were by the slimmest margins possible. Last year was a relatively high scoring game, so I think that it stands to reason that we might get one on the lower side of the equation this time around.