Top MLB Betting Match-Ups for Last Week of Regular Season

Top MLB Betting Match-Ups for Last Week of Regular Season

Written by on September 25, 2017

Monday represents that beginning of the final week of the 2017 MLB regular season. As you would expect at this late stage of the game, most of the playoff spots have been filled, but there are still a couple of spots up for grabs. The series that we are going to focus on for this week will involve teams on the brink of clinching a postseason spot, as well as those who are desperately clinging to life through the final few games of the season. Despite the current, near-finished, state of the playoff races in the National and American Leagues, there are still some interesting MLB betting match-ups this week, so use this opportunity to check out the latest MLB odds to make some more money. Despite the current, near-finished, state of the playoff races in the National and American Leagues, there are still some big series on tap this week, so use this opportunity to make some more money before the season comes to an end. Without further ado, let’s get to the top betting match-ups of the week.

Top MLB Betting Match-Ups Analysis


Chicago Cubs at St. Louis Cardinals (Monday – Thursday)

MLB Betting Odds: St. Louis Cardinals -1.5 (8.5) The Cubs can do to the Cardinals what they essentially did to the Milwaukee Brewers over the weekend, which is to basically eliminate them from playoff contention. Chicago took 3 of 4 from the Brewers in that big weekend series, opening up a 5.5-game lead in the division. The Cubs can clinch the division and a chance to defend their World Series crown by simply splitting this series, while the Cardinals really need to win this one if they are to keep their slim playoff hopes alive. The Cardinals are 2 ½ games back of the final Wild Card spot in the NL and need to be perfect this week to have any shot.

Team Statistics

  • Runs: Cubs 5.05 / Cardinals 4.76
  • Hits: Cubs 8.70 / Cardinals 8.75
  • Walks: Cubs 3.83 / Cardinals 3.67
  • Strike Outs: Cubs 8.65 / Cardinals 8.30
  • Runs: Cubs 4.36 / Cardinals 4.28
  • Hits: Cubs 7.99 / Cardinals 8.55
  • Walks: Cubs 3.44 / Cardinals 2.99
  • Strike Outs: Cubs 8.85 / Cardinals 8.28

Minnesota Twins at Cleveland Indians (Tuesday – Thursday)

MLB Betting Odds: TBA It’s almost a straight guarantee that the Minnesota Twins are going to land the final Wild Card spot in the American League, but they still have some work to do before they can pop the champagne corks and celebrate. The Twins will start their final week of the season with a road trip to face a Cleveland Indians team that is now considered to be one of the favorites to win the World Series. A single win might be enough to close things out for Minnesota, and they would like to get that done before facing Detroit in their final series of the season.

Team Statistics


  • Runs: Twins 5.06 / Indians 5.06
  • Hits: Twins 8.90 / Indians 8.97
  • Walks: Twins 3.71 / Indians 3.71
  • Strike Outs: Twins 8.19 / Indians 7.19


  • Runs: Twins 4.91 / Indians 3.51
  • Hits: Twins 9.20 / Indians 7.83
  • Walks: Twins 3.03 / Indians 2.56
  • Strike Outs: Twins 7.19 / Indians 9.89

Miami Marlins at Colorado Rockies (Tuesday – Thursday)

MLB Betting Odds: Colorado Rockies -1.5 (11.5) Are the Marlins a safe MLB Betting option? If the Colorado Rockies can pull out a couple more wins this week, they will become the third NL West team to book a spot in the postseason. The Dodgers and Diamondbacks have already punched their ticket to the playoffs. The best opportunity for the Rockies to do their thing comes early in the week, as they have a home series against the Miami Marlins, a team that they really should be able to beat. Colorado closes out the season with a series against the Dodgers, which would represent a much tougher path to the playoffs.

Team Statistics

  • Runs: Marlins 4.75 / Rockies 5.03
  • Hits: Marlins 9.15 / Rockies 9.25
  • Walks: Marlins 3.00 / Rockies 3.14
  • Strike Outs: Marlins 7.93 / Rockies 8.76
  • Runs: Marlins 5.04 / Rockies 4.69 Hits: Marlins 8.92 / Rockies 8.96 Walks: Marlins 3.81 / Rockies 3.29 Strike Outs: Marlins 7.48 / Rockies 7.92

Cincinnati Reds at Milwaukee Brewers (Tuesday – Thursday)

MLB Betting Odds: TBA No matter what happens this week, the Milwaukee Brewers can be proud of what they have accomplished this season. Picked by almost everyone to finish last in the division, the Brewers pushed the defending World Series champions every step of the way. While they still have a shot at the final spot in the Wild Card, where they are 2 games back of the Rockies, the damage may well have been done over the weekend when they lost 3 of 4 to the Cubs. The Brewers need to win this series to keep their playoff hopes alive, and they also need to hope that the Rockies have a truly miserable final week of the season.

Team Statistics

  • Runs: Reds 4.69 / Brewers 4.51 Hits: Reds 8.54 / Brewers 8.41 Walks: Reds 3.53/ Brewers 3.34 Strike Outs: Reds 8.17 / Brewers 9.76
  • Runs: Reds 5.40 / Brewers 4.30 Hits: Reds 8.96 / Brewers 8.56 Walks: Reds 3.89 / Brewers 3.43 Strike Outs: Reds 8.06 / Brewers 8.31