Top MLB Betting Series of the Week (June 12-18)

Top MLB Betting Series of the Week (June 12-18)

Written by on June 12, 2017

The MLB season is now fast approaching the halfway point, which is generally the time in which teams start to truly evaluate where they are, and then make the decision whether they are going to be buyers or sellers when the trade deadline rolls around. There are a still a few series left for each team before we reach that point, and there are several really good ones on the calendar for the coming week. We will have some MLB betting picks and predictions up for this week in major league baseball up in a separate article, but for now, let’s look at some of the series that should be grabbing your attention this week.

Top MLB Betting Series of the Week (June 12-18)

Texas Rangers at Houston Astros – Monday to Wednesday

The Houston Astros are proving to be one of the best teams in baseball in the first half, and they have already opened up a 12-game lead at the top of the AL West. We have seen those types of leads vanish in the past, but if it the Astros are to crumble and relinquish their lead, who is the team most likely to catch them? My money would be on the Texas Rangers. Yes, they have been inconsistent this season, but they have already shown that they are good enough to put together a big winning streak. They have won 3 in a row coming into this week, and a good performance here could see them close the gap a little.

LA Dodgers at Cleveland Indians – Tuesday to Thursday

Interleague play is always fun, but it’s particularly good when you get two of the best team from each conference going head to head. Both of these teams are in very similar positions in that they are both chasing the lead in their respective divisions. The Dodgers are a game and a half back of the Colorado Rockies, but are on a solid winning streak heading into this week. The Indians are struggling to find the form that took them to the World Series last season, but are still within striking distance of the top of their division. Top MLB Betting Series of the Week (June 12-18)

Boston Red Sox at Houston Astros – Friday to Sunday

To say that this is a tough week for the Astros is putting things rather mildly, as they need to follow up a divisional series with the Texas Rangers by welcoming the Boston Red Sox to town. We have already talked about what the Astros are up to this season, so let’s now turn out attention to Boston. Just when it looked as though the Red Sox were about to put some real pressure on the Yankees in the AL East, they lost 2 of 3 to their rivals last week. Boston are now 4 games back, and need a good week to keep the pace with the leaders.

Cleveland Indians at Minnesota Twins – Friday to Sunday

While only a three-day series, we get to see 4 games on tap, as these two will play a doubleheader on Saturday. The Minnesota Twins have been a very pleasant surprise this year, and currently have an unexpected game and a half lead over the Cleveland Indians in the AL Central. This was a division that everyone believed would be a cake walk for the Indians, and they will be looking to regain the lead by the time this week draws to a close.